A standard operating procedure is a set of instructions that a company provides for all the employees to follow. This is done to prevent miscommunication among them and avoid giving out wrong information about a certain project. Some of the uses of SOP is to provide uniform processes and procedures that will help in quality production and increase in work output.

In this article we will give you the five key benefits of a Standard Operating Procedure, as well as a quick guide on how you can make a standard operating procedure. It will help you make your SOP ready in no time.

5 Key Benefits of a Standard Operating Procedures Manual

Standard operating procedures help keep a company or organization organized because it sets the rules and processes to be followed in certain transactions. Being organized is not just the only benefit. There are 5 key benefits of a standard operating procedures manual and they are described below. You may also check our Sample SOP Templates.

  • The training time for new employees is reduced. New employees need to be trained so tat they will know how things work in a specific company. There are instances that training is provided while doing the actual work, especially when an individual gets hired during a busy time. The manual can be their source for self-training.
  • Ensured business continuity. Work will still continue even if one or two tenured staff go on leave for some time. This way urgent tasks can be worked on by using the manual as a guide.
  • Standardized processes will make sure that the same procedures are followed for the same transactions. With the use of a standard process that is provisioned in an SOP manual, you can make sure that your clients are treated fairly in the best possible way that you want them to be treated.
  • It will be easier to identify who is responsible for a specific task.

A Quick Guide to Standard Operating Procedures

You don’t have to go through all the difficulties and struggles on creating a standard operating procedure because we have sample SOP formats that you can download, including an army SOP template. Still, if you wish to make your own, we have some steps that can help you create one.

  • To start your SOP, you need to choose a format that you will be using. There are no right and wrong formats for making SOPs. You just need to choose one that you think will be effective.
  • Take into consideration the audience or the people who will use the SOP. This will help you determine how to write your SOP.
  • Think if you are the best person to write an SOP. If you think there is someone who knows the process best, you may ask them to write it, or work together in writing it.
  • You should determine if the SOP you are going to write would be used for a short term or for a long period of time. That way you will know what goals and other stuff to put in.
  • Make your SOP purpose-oriented. It is not just a way to standardize things, but also to determine the purpose on why each standard is created.

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