A professional looking company letterhead can make a big difference in how people perceive your business. If you send a lot of communications to your clients, customers or associates, then doing that on branded stationery will help in streamlining your communication. Believe it or not, a company letterhead will help your business in looking more professional and certified. Use a company letterhead template to make a unique letterhead for your business, which you can use for further communication with your clients and customers. You may check Company Letterhead Templates.

Standard Company Letterhead Template

A standard company letterhead usually belongs to the entire business, and is commonly used for services and administrative purposes. It can be used to send communications to general audience, including invoices, notices and default letters. This kind of letterhead usually contains only the title and address of the business, in addition to the logo. Use a standard company letterhead template to create a standard company letterhead for your business.

Company Department Letterhead Template

Different departments of the company may have different letterheads for them, especially the legal, marketing and accounting departments. The audience to whom you send these letterheads has interest in receiving communications from that particular department only. In addition to the name, address and contact details of the company, the company department letterhead will have the department’s name and logo as well.

Person-Oriented Company Letterhead Template

This kind of letterhead usually comes from one particular person of the company only. For instance, the Manager, Director or CEO of the company may have his personal letterhead that he can use to send inter-office communications. Sometimes, he may conduct external communications on this letterhead as well, such as sending some note to an independent contractor. In addition to the company details, this letterhead contains the person’s title and contact details as well.

Purpose-Oriented Company Letterhead Template

Some companies have special letterheads for specific purposes of the business, such as termination letters, offer letters, appointment letters, invoices, contracts etc. When the recipient receives such letter, he or she may instantly know what the purpose of the letter is. A company letterhead template can be used for making such company letterheads too.

Company Marketing Letterhead

Company Letterhead Sample

Company Letterhead Design

Company Graph Letterhead

Business Letter on Company Letterhead

Company Letterhead Template Word

Free Company Letterhead

Uses of a Company Letterhead Template

  • A template can be used to create the type of letterhead you want for your company.
  • You can use it to send communications to your clients, customers, partners or associates.
  • To give a professional look to your business letters.

Target Audience of a Company Letterhead Template

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Senior level executives of a company
  • Professional letterhead designers
  • Company department leaders

Benefits of a Company Letterhead Template

  • Saves time and money to get a letterhead made from a professional designer.
  • Can be downloaded and customized to suit your needs.
  • Can be used to create different types of letterheads within minutes.

How to Create a Company Letterhead Template

A company letterhead template can be effectively used to create a perfect letterhead for your business. Different types of letterheads need to mention different kinds of details. For instance, a standard letterhead should have company title, address and contact details, while a purpose-oriented letterhead needs to have the title of the purpose as well. Get help from a professional designer if required. you may also visit Sample Personal Letterhead Templates.

A company letterhead template can be downloaded from here, and used to create the type of company letterhead you want. Just download it on your system, open it to fill in the details, and print it out. Each section of the templates can be customized as per your needs. You may also insert your logo in the template so that you get the most professional look to your communications.

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