An evaluation form is a document used to evaluate the performance of the employees in a business or company. It is an effective tool in determining whether the employees that work for the company are capable of doing the tasks that they are expected to do. An evaluation form is important in every business.

A self-evaluation form is also a document used for personal purposes. It is used to track and monitor your personal progress in order to determine which aspects have improved and which parts still need improvement. If you are looking for evaluation forms, the samples on this page can be useful.

What Is the Purpose of an Evaluation Form?

An evaluation form contains the assessment done by the company of their employees. It contains relevant information that can be useful in helping the company decide in the promotions, pay raises, and layoffs of employees. Employers also use an evaluation form to list down the contributions and the weaknesses of the company’s employees. An employee self-evaluation refers to the document that employees use to evaluate their own performance. This is important in listing down your achievements. Evaluation form examples can be used as reference to help you understand the contents of an evaluation form.

What Is the Difference between Assessment and Evaluation?

The concept of both an assessment and an evaluation are somehow similar but both terms have several differences. Listed below are few of the differences between an assessment and an evaluation. Also, evaluation forms in word are available should you need them.

  • An assessment is a process of collecting information and data from several resources for the purpose of improvement. However, an evaluation refers to the act of analyzing or examining an individual based on a particular standard.
  • An assessment focuses on observing the performance of an individual in order to help improve their performance while an evaluation only provides a summary of the performance based on his/her achievements.

How to Bring Performance Metrics into the Evaluation Form

It is essential for the performance metrics of a business to be present in an evaluation form as it can make the initially stated document more objective. You can bring the performance metrics in an evaluation form by following these steps:

  • Be specific with the kind of evaluation that you will perform. This will help you to assure that the key performance indicators of the business for its employees are considered in the evaluation.
  • Provide the measures that you will follow in identifying whether an employee is efficient or productive. Being guided by performance metrics will allow you to know how effective an employee is within the workplace.

How to Make an Evaluation Form

Creating an evaluation form is important in order to determine and rate the performance of employees, specifically their strengths and weaknesses. Here are the steps in creating an evaluation form:

  • Write the basic information of the employees such as the names, job title, department, and other relevant information.
  • Create a rating system and write job competencies that will be used as the basis for evaluation.
  • Create a comments section in the form.


Additionally, employee evaluation form examples and presentation evaluation forms in PDF are available for download.

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