Verification is a way to establish the truth about something or to validate something. From the name itself, a verification form is used so that the truth about something can be established. There are a number of verification forms available whose use depends on what they will be used for. Some examples are the tenant verification form, the advisor invitation verification form, and the signature verification form.

In this article we will be focusing on the advisor invitation verification form, what it is, its purposes, how it is created, and some tips that can help us in creating one.

What Is the Purpose of Advisor Invitation Verification Form?

An advisor invitation verification form is a form that is part of an online application in Yale, which is called a Yale Advisor Invitation Verification Form. The purposes of this form are as follows:

  • It provides your advisor with the information that they need, which is about your proposed study at Yale.
  • The information that you have entered in your advisor invitation verification form is verified by your advisor once they receive it.


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How Does Your Advisor Receive the Advisor Invitation Verification Form?

  • When filling out the online advisor invitation verification form, you will need to click the Add Advisor option and the form type selected should be Yale Advisor Form.
  • Then fill out the details about your advisor.
  • After doing this, your advisor will be sent with a link of the form via email. They will be the one to fill out this link for you.
  • The link that your advisor receives will include information such as your proposed study and attendance.
  • Your advisor needs to have this form submitted before you even have your application submitted.


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Tips for Writing an Advisor Invitation Letter

Use these tips below to help you with writing your own advisor invitation letter.

  • To make your task easy, you can use advisor invitation letter samples that are available online. All you need to do is download and edit them the way you want. You can also use them as reference.
  • Follow the guidelines for writing formal letters, like the right margin, paper size, and orientation.
  • Using a margin of the same size for all sides of your letter will give it a neat and framed look.
  • Make sure that you know the advisor that you are inviting in your letter.
  • Address your advisor based on your level of familiarity, but don’t be too casual. Still sound professional and polite.
  • Introduce yourself, or if you are with a group, introduce your group in the first part of your letter.
  • Write clearly and concisely so that it will be easy for the advisor you have invited to read your letter.
  • It is best to have your advisor invitation letter computerized and printed.
  • Avoid making any erasures.
  • Write your name and affix your signature at the end of your letter.
  • Have your work spell-checked and proofread.


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