What is tenant verification? Tenant verification, also called tenant screening, is the process landlords and property managers or owners use to determine if the prospective tenant will fulfill the terms and conditions that are stated in a lease or rental contract agreement.

The process of verification has been used not only for verifying prospective tenants but also in banks and other fields. Banks use signature verification forms to validate the identity of an individual. The same technique is done in an employment verification to verify if an applicant’s claims are true. The process of tenant verification is further discussed below.

How to Write a Tenant Verification Letter and How to Fill in a Tenant Verification Form

If you are a landlord who is writing a tenant verification form for a tenant who will occupy another space in a property where a new landlord is responsible with, here are some of the steps that you may follow in creating the document. For more information, you may also check sample verification forms and rental verification forms.

  • Format your tenant verification letter accordingly and use the right salutation.
  • Be precise with the name of the tenant and the personal information given by the soon-to-be landlord of the individual.
  • Be specific with the kind of information that you will place in the document, which includes
    • the date that the tenant started renting in the property;
    • the end date of the tenancy;
    • the regulations that the tenant did not follow, if there’s any;
    • the verification of the character of the tenant, which should be recommended;
    • a statement that the tenant truly has stayed within the space that he/she claimed to rent; and
    • a conclusion for the tenancy that occurred.
  • Make sure to verify the record given to you and the record present in your document filing.
  • List down the entire duration in which the tenant stayed in the property that you are taking care of.
  • Close your letter politely.
  • Check for spelling and grammar errors.

Guidelines for Tenant Verification Forms

  • Perform a background check. This will help you to determine any bad habits that your potential tenant has, like skipping a rent payment or destroying property.
  • Have your tenant applicant fill out an income verification form and have an income verification done.
  • A police check or police clearance is helpful as this will tell you if your prospective tenant has any criminal records or they are not troublesome in any way.
  • Have a credit verification done. You can have a private agency conduct credit testing for you.
  • Check with the tenant’s previous landlord. This is one of the best ways that you can check if your prospective tenant has a good record or not. They can also provide you information that you can use to your advantage when deciding if you want this tenant or not.
  • Hire agents to perform a verification on that said tenant for you.
  • Conduct an interview for your prospective tenant, just like what is done in a job interview. Job applicants are also asked to fill out an employee verification form.

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