An evaluation form is a document that is used by employers and managers to evaluate the members of their company or organization. Evaluation forms are used primarily for one thing and that is to assess whether or not a specific organizational program or the existing strategies employed in an organization are working properly. By working properly, it means that it is producing positive results.

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What Are the Advantages of Using Evaluation Forms in the Organizational Setting?

  • Training – An evaluation form is a handy tool for human resource managers and company trainers. This document allows them to assess properly the specific performance levels of each employee. It contains metrics that examines whether or not an employee is performing the tasks described to him/her in the job description. The results indicated in the evaluation form can then provide managers with the sufficient information pertaining to the areas that employees need to be trained. The description of training needs would then lead to the formulation of a training plan that effectively targets said areas.
  • Development – While training is done solely with the aim of ascertaining that employees are better able to perform their tasks efficiently, development is another area in which an evaluation form can be of great use. Through an evaluation form, a business manager or owner can evaluate what areas in their business is faulty and needs improvement.
  • Recruitment – Employee evaluation forms are also a great source for recruiters and human resource managers to analyze whether or not the employees they are hiring are equipped with the right skills, background, and mind-set in efficiently performing their tasks. In this way, they can make adjustments as to the qualifications they would be looking for in the future for such job positions.


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Tips for Creating Effective Evaluation Forms

Whether you are preparing an employee performance evaluation form, a workshop evaluation form, or an interview evaluation form, you need to make sure that you are able to effectively address all the areas that must be evaluated. Here are some tips that can help guide you in creating effective evaluation forms:

  • The first step to creating an effective evaluation form is the analysis of the needs that serve as an impetus for the necessity of its creation. Perhaps you may already be aware of the purpose for the evaluation, otherwise you would not be here reading about how to create evaluation forms.
  • After knowing the purpose for evaluation, you may then list down the aspects that must be evaluated. From such list, brainstorm specific ways in which you can effectively evaluate each aspect.
  • Then you may start creating your evaluation form. Include the following information:
    • name of your organization
    • space for the name of the person evaluated
    • the series of questions that targets the areas of evaluation

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