Self-evaluation refers to the process of assessing one’s performance and development in order to determine whether an individual has improved in certain aspects and also to be able to identify which areas still need improvement. A self-evaluation form is a tool or document that is used when performing a self-evaluation.

Creating an evaluation form is important especially in organizations or businesses. A self-evaluation form is used by companies for their employees in order to determine the progress of a particular employee. If you need self-evaluation forms, the downloadable samples and templates available on this page will be useful when creating one.

Steps to Filling Out a Self-Evaluation Form

When filling out a self-evaluation form, the information written in the form should be accurate in order for it to be effective. Follow these steps when filling out a self-evaluation form or you can also download our employee evaluation form examples here. The steps in filling out a self-evaluation form are as follows:

  • Before filling out the self-evaluation form, read over its contents and information including the questions that you will need to answer.
  • Based on the form that you have just read, gather all the necessary information such as your accomplishments, performance, the areas that still need improvement, and your set goals for the career you are in. This will allow you to create an effective self-evaluation form.
  • Make a draft of all these information before you fill out your self-evaluation form.
  • Refer to the draft that you have created and start filling out the form with the information.
  • Using the rating system provided in the form, rate yourself based on your own assessment.
  • In the final section of your form, write about your work experience with the organization including your relationship with other individuals in the business.


In addition, presentation evaluation forms in PDF are available should you need one specifically.

Easy Tips for Filling Out Self-Evaluation Forms

Filling out self-evaluation forms can get a little complicated, but following these tips will help you create an effective self-evaluation form. The tips to help you fill out a self-evaluation form are as follows:

  • When filling out a self-evaluation form, always keep a professional tone.
  • Always be detailed when writing about your accomplishments, your goals, performance, etc.
  • Provide evidence and examples to support the information that you have written in your self-evaluation form.
  • Always proofread your document to ensure that it is error-free.
  • Clearly discuss your contributions to the organization or business.
  • Keep your self-evaluation form concise and simple.
  • Allocate enough time when filling out the form to assure that everything is accurately written.
  • Always be honest when filling out your form and avoid exaggerating accomplishments.
  • Explain how much you have grown career-wise during the course of the year.
  • Also, state your own shortcomings by describing areas that still need improvement and provide a solution for improvement.


Conference evaluation forms in word and evaluation form examples are available on this page should you need them. You can use these forms as reference to help you outline your self-evaluation form.

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