Airports and train stations across the world have taxi stands in their premises for travelers to reach their respective destination. For prepaid cabs, the counter attendant requires to hand over a receipt to the traveler. This receipt acts as proof for these travelers. In order to quicken and simplify the process of creating and printing these receipts we have designed for you the perfect taxi receipt templates.

Our example Sample Receipt templates are free of cost and can be easily downloaded. They come in a variety of formats with the option to add relevant details like the final destination, the registration number of the taxi, the name of the driver and other relevant data. Select and print the sample of your choice, fill it in, and keep it handy for your next walk in customer looking for a taxi service.

Sample Taxi Receipt Template in Word

Receipt for Goods or Services

Sample Order Receipt Template

Delivery Receipt Template

Official Receipt Word Template

Blank Receipt in Excel

Simple Receipt in Google Docs

Receipt Word Template

Printable Taxi Receipt

Printable Taxi Receipt

Taxi Receipt Template Word

Taxi Receipt Template Doc

Taxi Receipt Format in Word

Taxi Cab Receipt Template

 Taxi Receipt Template PDF

Free Taxi Receipt Template

Download Taxi Receipt PDF

Blank Taxi Receipt

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