All restaurant owners need to give their guests a receipt at the end of their meal when receiving the total bill amount from them. These receipts give all the details of the drinks and food consumed during the meal, and also the total amount of money spent on the meal. Download one of our free example templates today. These sample receipt templates come in a variety of formats and are made just for restaurants and coffee shops.

Restaurant Receipt Sample Template

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Size: A4, US


If you’re in the restaurant business, then you’ll want to make use of this restaurant receipt template to make the receipts your customers will want as proof after they have finished their meal. Check sales receipts for more. With this product, you’ll easily make a receipt that will provide customers with details regarding the food they ate, the prices of their meals, the total amount paid, the change received and so on. You can download this template on any device as it is not just limited to the computer or PC. Try it out now!

Restaurant Receipt Template Sample

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Size: US, A4


It is typical for successful restaurants to deal with tons of customers daily. All of these customers will want proof of payment once they’re done with their dining, so those in charge of running restaurants need to make sure they can provide their customers with receipts. Luckily, we have just the template for you. This sample receipt will be of great use to you. Get this template now and your customers will always feel satisfied by knowing what they paid for and the restaurant responsible for providing them that sense of satisfaction. Try it out now!

Simple Restaurant Receipt Sample Template

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Receipts are used in many businesses in different industries for a variety of purposes. They are very useful in recording details of business transactions, such as in the sale and purchase business. They are also kept as important documents for tracking progress in profit and other accounting related things. Check gift receipts for more. This above-mentioned simple restaurant receipt can be of great use to you in making the needed receipt for your restaurant.

Free Restaurant Receipt Sample Template

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Size: A4, US

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Restaurant Itemized Receipt Template

 Sample Restaurant Receipt

How to Create a Receipt?

Creating a receipt template is pretty easy. There are a lot of ways for you to choose from and the steps below are one of them. Follow these steps to make your job easier as you do not have to create receipts from scratch:

  • Start with looking for a receipt template that you can use as your guide to making your own one or as a reference to help you make it. Sample cash receipts can be of great use as they show you how you can make simple and easily understandable receipt templates with ease.
  • Then choose the application that you want to use to create your receipt template. Make sure that it is supported by your printing device and that you find it convenient and easy to use.
  • To get started, prepare the things that you need like the device you will use, your outline as well as the samples and templates.
  • Then with the outline, you just created, start entering the details of your receipt template. Don’t forget that you have samples and templates that you can use as a reference. You can also take a look at purchase receipt templates that are available online for more.
  • Choose the size, material of the paper you want, etc.
  • When you have everything entered, review your work and check for any missing parts or components. Make revisions as necessary.
  • Once you are done with it, save the file.
  • After saving, see if the file opens successfully. You can now use it and print copies.

You can follow the above-mentioned steps to make a simple receipt you might want to use for your business when you do not have the time to make them in detail from scratch. You can also add designs as per your needs and preferences so that they match the theme of your restaurant.

Missing Restaurant Receipt Template

Restaurant Receipt Form


Restaurant Receipt Template Word

Sample Restaurant Receipt Template

Restaurant Receipt Template PDF

Restaurant Receipt Template Free Download

Restaurant Charge Form

Wrapping Up:

A lot of things have changed from one thing into something more useful and more easier to use. It is the same with receipts, as they are no exception. With time and technological developments, the way we make and use receipts has evolved and that is why there is a list of all the different kinds of receipts that exist. They make your job easier as you do not have to make receipts from scratch now.

A receipt template is a convenient tool that you can use anytime, anywhere as you can have it printed as many times as you want and need. You can also save a lot of time if you take the help of any of the templates that are mention in this article as they already have the details in them. All you would have to do is edit the details with yours and you are good to go!

You can add additional information to these receipts like services provided, details of food and beverages consumed and other important data. Select the sample of your choice, print it out and hand it over to your customer when they are ready to leave. Check store receipt templates for more. Happy Editing!

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