A blank receipt template allows you to create professionally looking receipts customized to include your businesses information like the logo and the addresses. It is always recommended that you should offer a receipt for any item that is purchased in your business and keep one copy of the receipt for future reference.

Download a free sample blank receipt template that has many important features, which make it useful and fit for any type of business. It includes at least two receipts in every page, which allows you to offer one receipt to your customer while remaining with one receipt for use in your business. The receipt produced with the template is usually printer friendly and are separated by a thin dotted line, which represent a cutting line. It allows customization hence you can include your business logo, addresses and social media information.

Blank Receipt Template

blank receipt template download

Sample Receipt Template to Edit

sample receipt template to edit

Sample Receipt Format Template

sample receipt template format

Sample Sales Receipt in Word

sample sales receipt in word

Sample Rent Receipt Template

sample rent receipt template

Cash Receipt Template in Google Docs

cash receipt template in google docs

Official Receipt Template

official receipt template

Sample Construction Receipt

sample construction receipt

Contractor Receipt Template

contractor receipt template

Deposit Receipt to Print

deposit receipt to print

Blank Cash Receipt

blank cash receipt

Blank Rent Receipt

blank rent receipt

Blank Sales Receipt

sales receipt

Free Blank Receipt

free blank receipt

You should ensure that the receipt contains all the relevant information about your business and the amount spent on the item. To make a good receipt, you will need to provide as much information about the product being sold and for every receipt that you produce, ensure that there is a duplicate.

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