Applying for a job requires a lot of requirements. Different documents are needed by the employer to assure that the applicant is trustworthy and suitable for the position. One of the main requirements asked by employers is an endorsement letter. As an applicant, finding the right endorser is important. This is because the endorser will be the one to do an endorsement letter writing.

Moreover, the endorser will explain and recommend the applicant to the employer, which is one of the endorsement letter importance. The applicant shouldn’t be pressured in finding the perfect endorser. The essential thing is that the endorser should know the applicant in a professional manner, and can give a justifiable and credible endorsement.

Importance of Candidate Endorsement Letters

Candidate endorsement letters are essential because they help employers know and identify whether an applicant is truly knowledgeable and skillful of the work he/she aspires to have. Nowadays, it’s easy to create fake documents and say untruthful statements about one’s credentials. That’s why a candidate endorsement letter is very beneficial in employing trustworthy and capable applicants. Through an endorsement letter, employers can verify and authenticate an applicant’s credentials and capabilities. These employers may also check the credibility of the endorser, by contacting and looking through the endorser’s information.

How to Write a Letter to Endorse a Candidate

In writing a letter to endorse a candidate, endorsement letter templates should be acquired first, for they serve as a format and layout for the letter. It’s important that the endorser knows the applicant well, especially the working ethics and knowledge of the applicant regarding the specific position.

The endorser must carefully explain the applicant’s previous position, experiences, or knowledge about the field. He/she should convince the employer that the applicant deserves the position. Additionally, the qualities and characteristics of the applicant should be presented in a detailed manner so the employer will have an idea about the applicant’s background.

Tips for Writing Candidate Endorsement Letters

  • Suitable template. Choose the suitable template for your candidate endorsement letter.
  • Contemplate. Recall the performance of the applicant. It’s good if you’re able to remember the key performances of the applicant such as handling problems and giving solutions to them.
  • Spend time with the applicant. Spending some time with the applicant will help you discover and understand some characteristics he/she possessed.
  • Rough draft. Have an initial draft of your letter. This can help you have an overview of the final output of your letter.
  • Organize. Start correcting your writing at this stage. Be mindful of the spelling and grammar. Make sure to check your sentence structure.
  • Informative contents. The contents of your letter can make or break the applicant. See to it that you’re able to recommend the applicant well. Identify his/her strengths and weaknesses. Describe his/her work ethics and performances. Be truthful in your endorsement.
  • Proofread. Avoid committing errors in your letter. Remember that the employer is depending on your letter, whether he/she will accept the applicant.
  • Sample endorsement letters. To be completely sure, letter examples are available to assist you in writing a formal and well-thought endorsement letter.

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