The introduction of the practice of writing contracts into human society has greatly changed the manner that individuals forge mutually beneficial deals with each other. A contract between two individuals, when drafted cautiously, can help protect the rights of both its parties.

Whether you are drafting a contract for the purpose of selling a house, entering into marriage, or even for commencing an employer-employee relationship, you must be careful in making an appropriately formatted contract. Contracts, in order for it to carry out its purpose effectively, must contain essential elements of a contract. For the purpose of writing contracts, our website offers a trove of contract templates that are available for download. Browse our website to make use of these informative templates.


The Basic Components of a Legal Contract

The key components of a basic legal contract are as follows:

  • Subject

A contract must succinctly describe the purpose for drafting it. In essence, a contract usually has one main objective from which other sub-obligations may arise for both parties to comply with.

  • Consenting Parties

This section of the contract is where the complete name of the parties are being stated. Not only that, other information about the parties that are relevant to the contract such as their address, contact information, age, and their relationship toward each other. It is also crucial to state in this part that both parties are of legal capacity to give full consent to the terms of a contract.

  • Agreement

This section describes explicitly what are the specific considerations that both parties expect to gain from each other and have agreed to provide to each other.

  • Terms and Conditions

Other conditions of the contract are enumerated in this part. The intricate details of how an obligation is to be performed. This is also the part that explains the circumstances and actions that can lead to the absolute termination of the contract.

  • Date and Signature

No contract would ever hold any legal value if the signature of either party is not manifested on it.

To gain more substantial knowledge on the basic parts of a contract, you may refer to our collections of legal contract templates and job contract templates.


Tips in Writing the Best Legal Contract

Below is an outline of some helpful points that can guide you in drafting an effective legal agreement contract:

  • Determine the essence of the object that has produced the need to write a contract.
  • Be knowledgeable of the prerequisites of legally binding contracts.
  • Make sure that the parties you are about to make a contract with are of legal age and must possess the legal capacity to acquiesce to the type of contract you are offering.
  • Make a formal offer to the parties you want to involve.
  • All parties must have obligations and all parties must be able to exchange something of value in order to satisfy the consideration requirement of basic contracts.
  • Have all parties sign the contract.
  • Format your contract according to a standard contractual layout. You may use our website’s templates for guidance. We also have proposal contract and house rent contract templates that are available for download.

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