If your job is all about writing grants, then you might want to think about using a grant calendar. A grant calendar is used by grant-writing organizations so that they can keep track of when to write such grants and to know the different deadline for the different grants they are working on. Creating your own calendar allows you to personalize and take control of the contents that you want to put in it.

A grant calendar is similar to that of a marketing calendar in a way that they both are used to keep track of schedules and deadlines. However, their specific use is entirely different. You could be needing a grant calendar. If so, read on!

How to Start a Grant Calendar

  • First of all, keep in mind that you are making a grant calendar.
  • Think of the way you have been using a planner or a regular calendar to organize yourself. Apply that when making your grant calendar.
  • Think of the things that you need, like a free calendar template and other materials.
  • Ask for tips from people you know who work in the same field or do research.
  • Always be open to new ideas and style of doing a grant calendar.

What Are the Steps to Create a Grant Calendar That Will Make Your Life Easier?

  • Select a calendar template that fits your needs and at the same time is appropriate for your use as a grant calendar, just like calendar templates in PDF.
  • Look into previous schedules and grants that you have done in the past.
  • Do research and continue looking for new grants.
  • Determine which grants you know you will be able to receive and focus on them.
  • Use a standard calendar or your organization’s official calendar if you have one.
  • Fill in all the necessary information to complete your grant calendar.
  • Write realistic grants and think of ways to make improvements.

Benefits of Creating a Grant Calendar

  • Making use of a grant calendar keeps an organization and their grant writers well aware of the sample schedules and deadlines for submitting a certain grant.
  • A timeline can be established with the use of a grant calendar to avoid being surprised with the various grant deadlines.
  • Aside from deadlines, grant calendars are also used as notification for awarding dates, awarding ceremonies, and report deadlines.
  • A grant calendar is an essential tool that helps in the development of management tasks that are related to grants in order to have an effective or efficient grant approach.
  • It aids in the creation of a funding strategy to ensure that deadlines are met and no deadline is overlooked.
  • Creating a grant calendar allows the organization or the grant writer to determine the priority funder and rank them accordingly. It will make it easier for them to determine which grant will be approved.
  • A grant calendar should keep evolving and should be updated with information about new funders.

Other useful calendar templates are blank calendar samples and hourly calendar samples.

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