There are no rules as to how you make your own calendar. It doesn’t even matter if you make it look like a calendar or not. You use a calendar to be able to keep track of the dates and whatever you have scheduled for those dates. For example, creating a grant calendar allows one to keep track of the list of deadlines that they have.

  • Calendar Templates in Excel
  • Calendar Templates in Word

Calendars are used in a variety of ways, most especially in business and marketing. Marketing calendars are being utilized by traders in order to get hold of announcement and news release dates that affect the movement of a market. Know more about making your own calendar by reading this post.

What Do You Need to Create Your Own Calendar?

There are no standards and no rules on how you want to have your calendar created. The things you need would depend on what type of calendar you want.

  • You can download a free calendar template or a printable calendar template if you want a printable and easy to reproduce type of calendar. All you need is a printer and printer paper.
  • For an artsy calendar, you may need art materials like colored pens, scissors, colored papers, stickers, and other design materials.
  • Want a unique-looking calendar? Check other calendar craft ideas online and take note of the materials needed.

What Are the Considerations When Creating Your Own Calendar?

  • What the calendar is going to be used for or what is your purpose for making one.
  • How do you want to make your calendar? Do you want it simple or artsy?
  • What materials do you need to make your own calendar?
  • Is it worth my time?
  • How will creating a calendar benefit me?
  • Are there tips that I can use to create an effective calendar?

10 Best Ideas to Make Your Own Calendar

  • Magnetic Perpetual Calendar – Using magnetic pieces, you can create a cool calendar that you can rearrange when the month changes.
  • Button Calendar – Love buttons? Why not try making a button calendar using the buttons you have on hand—an old picture frame, a piece of fabric, and printed numbers.
  • Doodle Calendar – If you are up for a doodle challenge or just want to practice your doodling skills, then you should try doing a doodle calendar.
  • Paint Sample Calendar – If you want to look at something colorful, then you can make this simple paint sample calendar. I just think it is perfect as an event calendar template.
  • Simple Desk Calendar – It includes cards with the date and month that you can flip when the days change.
  • Christmas Tree Calendar – Use it for Christmas countdown!
  • Glass Wall Calendar – This calendar looks pretty neat on your wall and is perfect to use as your business calendar templates.
  • Photo Calendar – Choose your favorite photos and turn them into lovely calendars.
  • Chalkboard Wall Calendar – Make this calendar to cover a large wall space that you think looks boring.
  • Periodic Element Calendar – Can’t get enough of chemistry? Then you should make this a double-purpose periodic element calendar.

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