Various types of equipment are used in multiple areas such as manufacturing and production industries, product development, research, construction projects, offices, and many others. But over time equipment gets worn out or overused this is why it is essential to double-check equipment regularly to ensure that these are working properly and to avoid any accidents due to malfunctioning. To make sure this is done routinely, an equipment maintenance logsheet is a great tool that can monitor any maintenance activity. Such a document will help keep track of who has done the maintenance check-up, and when it was performed. So in case anything happens, this logsheet will serve as a reference to those who need to double-check any information or data being logged. To know more about this, let us discuss this further below, and if you need any help preparing this logsheet then worry no more! We’ve got a list of equipment maintenance logsheet samples that are downloadable for free on this page!

3+ Equipment Maintenance Logsheet Samples

1. Emergency Equipment Maintenance Logsheet

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2. Equipment Item Maintenance Logsheet

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3. Equipment Maintenance Logsheet

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4. Equipment Maintenance Daily Logsheet

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What Is an Equipment Maintenance Logsheet?

A logsheet in general is a document that you record entries, specific activities, or events that is used to track patterns or movement regarding a certain subject. A logsheet can be used in various ways which can be helpful for personal or business use. You can use this tool to monitor expenses, hours worked, visitors, or food intake, or in this case for monitoring maintenance activity of equipment. As this would help you keep better track of any important information. An equipment maintenance logsheet should be able to organize the record-keeping process when it comes to the support and maintenance of various equipment in a workplace. This is important because in case anything happens in the future in which you need to backtrack your records, then you have a log sheet to refer to. You are able to check when was the last time it was checked, what particular maintenance was performed and who is responsible for such.

How To Prepare an Equipment Maintenance Logsheet

If you want to make sure that every piece of equipment in your business is working well, then it is vital to keep an equipment maintenance logsheet. Some industries rely heavily on their equipment to keep their business running and operational. If one breaks down can mean disruption and delays which can be bad for the business. Without proper documentation of maintenance activity, this can easily get out of hand without a systematic process for tracking activities. These logsheets ensure that teams service their machinery within the specified interval to keep it operating efficiently. Now, you can opt to download our free templates if you need any help preparing this logsheet or you can create one from scratch by taking note of the following details below.

1. List Down all the Equipment

First of all, you need to do an inventory of all of the equipment that is currently being used. Whether this is company-owned or being rented out. By doing so will give you an idea of the costs of each maintenance and which needs to be prioritized and regularly checked.

2. Choose a Template or Software

You can opt to use the basic logbook to create a logsheet or software to help assist in recording and tracking the maintenance of your equipment.

3. Equipment Details

It is recommendable that you create an individual logsheet per equipment. And the details that should be included are as follows:

  • Equipment Name
  • Serial Number
  • Manufacturer’s Information
  • Date Manufactured

4. Maintenance Activity Log

The body of the logsheet should contain the following details:

  • Date
  • Description of the maintenance performed
  • Person/Company responsible for checking the equipment
  • Validation (received by with the date)
  • Next scheduled maintenance
  • Remarks

5. Regular Monitoring

A logsheet is a reference that you should constantly monitor, therefore it is important to keep checking so you won’t miss out on the maintenance schedule.


What Is Preventive Maintenance?

This is routine, scheduled inspections and tasks performed on physical assets and equipment to ensure they are working the way the manufacturer intended.

Why Is Routine Maintenance Important?

Maintenance is important to ensure the quality performance of assets and help control expenses by reducing upkeep and replacement costs.

What Is a Maintenance Report?

This is a report that provides information about the history of the maintenance performed on a certain asset. And in some cases, the report includes the estimated costs and recommendations.

An equipment maintenance logsheet is an important tool that will help you keep track of the maintenance activity performed on your assets. With this, you are able to determine which equipment needs to be prioritized and this would also serve as a reference should any misunderstandings arise in the future.


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