Real estate nowadays has been continuously growing and thriving largely due to the ever increasing demand for property and housing. From buildings, fixtures, roads, structures, and utility systems. Real estate businesses give properties, rights and titles of ownership to land, improvements, and sometimes even natural resources like minerals, plants, animals, water, etc. In a day and age where a lot of individuals are moving out of their family properties to go live on their own for a slew or personal reasons, they are constantly on the lookout for property deals that fit right into their expected budget. As much as it is a challenge for prospective buyers, it is also quite the task for real estate business owners and agents. From keeping track of countless data about the properties that they are trying to sell, to keeping track of said properties making sure that they are exactly what the customer needs, running a real estate business is really not as simple as it seems. That’s why most if not all business owners opt to have this very handy tool to keep them on track. A real estate business report.

Business reports are needed in almost all fields of work. The document often contain facts and relevant information that is used to make and base decisions off of in a business or company. Business reports can have quite a lot of purpose as well, from pitching an idea, analyzing said idea, proposing a merger, analyzing said merger, company compliance, and just about any topic or points of interest that may be related to your work or company. It bears a lot of weight in it since most managers depend on the document as a communication medium in and around the industry. That’s why drafting one should have enough care and attention to detail to make sure that the document is comprehensible and concise. Especially for reports that cover the entirety of your company or venture. To get a better idea of what a real estate business report is and how it works, take a look at these samples that we have listed right below. After getting familiar with the document, you can then use these samples as guides or even as a template for when you want to develop your own business report.

3+ Real Estate Business Report Samples

1. Real Estate Business License Report

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2. Real Estate Financing Business Report

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Size: 303 KB


3. Commercial Real Estate Business Report

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4. Real Estate Business Committee Report

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What Is a Real Estate Business Report?

Business reports are official documents that contain facts and other relevant information, statistical data, research and study findings, and other relevant bits and pieces of information that may be important for the entirety of the business. Its main purpose is to communicate these information briefly and efficiently. Often drafted as a response to an executive request or a supervisor of the company. The report is written in a formal, matter-of-fact manner to be able to convey its contents in a clear and concise manner. It’s also because the document is widely used as an internal communication medium in and around the workforce of the company, meaning that they have to make sure that it remains easily comprehensible yet still completely professional. It often takes the form of a memo with the report attached, and the contents supported by data and facts. Objectivity is a major element when writing the report so opinions are largely discouraged.

What Should Be Included in a Real Estate Business Report

A business report is written in an abbreviated format ensuring full coverage and comprehensibility after mass dissemination. It should allow readers to easily navigate the document to quickly get to the key elements that they are looking for. Use headings, sub-headings, bullet points, tables, diagrams, to effectively communicate the information that you need to present. Business reports can range from one to two pages, to a hundred page document. Depending on the nature and the scale of which the report covers. Regardless of shape and type, a business report will usually include the following five elements.

  • Table of contents
    • The table of contents of the business report should be arranged according to the headings and sub-headings that you are using.
  • Effective summary
    • State the purpose of the business report in a brief summarized manner.
    • Describe the methodology that you have used in investigating the issues that you have identified.
    • List important key points in the report.
  • Body
    • Provide enough details of the entire evaluation process.
    • Describe the methodology that you have used in solving the issues that you have investigated.
    • Identify particular issues that have affected the current evaluation.
    • Include any relevant tables, charts, graphs, and/or diagrams.
  • Key findings and recommendations
    • Discuss and identify the key findings of the report.
    • Make recommendations based on the findings and how it relates to the issue that you just tackled.
  • Conclusion
    • Properly summarize the findings of your report. Relate back to the original issue that the report was originally intended for.


Why is a business report important?

Business reports provide useful insights and information for the management to use such as information on spending, profits, and overall growth. Reports provide important details that can be used to develop future forecasts, plans, budget, budget planning, and overall improve decision making.

Is it better to sell your own house privately?

There are some benefits to it, yes, such as saving the commission you would usually use to pay the realtors. According to the Real Estate Council of Alberta, commission prices can either be based on sale prices, flat fees, service fees, or some combination of both.

What can cause a poor business report?

Inappropriate writing style, poor grammar and punctuation, incorrect or inadequate referencing, too much, too little, and widely irrelevant material.

Although the article only gives a rough idea of how to establish a business report, it should already be more than enough for you to get started. The overall format and presentation of the document jut depends entirely on the nature and coverage of the circumstances that you and your company is working with. These factors may  or may not provide insights on what to include in your business report. If unsure, always consult managers or other supervisors.

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