In the academe, a research study examines the student’s capability, knowledge, and skills in coming up with a revolutionary project that will benefit the society. Writing a proposal is only the beginning stage of a research project. Careful examination and studies should be conducted to produce the desired outcome. Project proposal will be the training ground of how the research project will turn out to be. With that, research proposal needs thorough planning and preparation for it is the foundation of the research.

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What Is Research Proposal?

It is an academic process of coming up possible methods and procedures to answer certain issues or problems at hand. It basically contains the overview of the research study. This is where the introduction, theoretical background, statement of the problem, research methodology, scope and limitations, significance of the study, and definition of terms are discussed. Research Paper Proposal is commonly conducted for college admittance and completion of undergraduate and graduate thesis studies. You may see Research Proposal Examples to have more knowledge about conducting a proposal.

Types of Research Proposal

A research proposal’s format may vary depending on the academic course and the type of proposal you are making. The types of research proposals are as follows.

  • Pre-Proposal: This proposal is generally prepared for college admittance. The school administrators will request an overview of a research study to determine if the applicant is qualified for the program. Pre-proposal does not yet require the completion of the study unless requested by the school administrators.
  • Solicited: This proposal requires strict implementation of prescribed guidelines and format. Submission of this proposal must be on the exact due date, otherwise, the proposal will not be accepted. The proposal is commonly a response to a sponsor who is willing to fund the proposed project.
  • Unsolicited: This proposal need not follow the given guidelines and scope of subject to discuss. The proposal is commonly presented to a probable sponsor who is interested in the project.
  • Continuation or Non-Competing Proposal: This proposal is already an approved proposal that requires continual funding. The proposal should follow the original structure of the project with the proper terms and conditions of the funding.
  • Renewal or Competing Proposal: This proposal is nearly complete but needs continual funding. The proposal has other competitors that also requires support. Similar with unsolicited, the probable sponsor is interested in the project but still has to choose among many proposals.
  • Supplemental Proposal: This proposal requires additional support and funding to meet certain results along the project. Also, the funding will cater on other materials and resources to complete the project.


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