In every business, a project proposal is essential. A project proposal is a detailed plan on how to solve a particular problem. Before a project proposal is done, a research proposal is important to be able to gather all the necessary information when making a project proposal.

Making a proposal for a project is important if you want to get the funding from a nonprofit organization, non-government organization or NGO. To help you start with a project proposal, our Sample Business Proposal Letters and Proposal Letters in PDF will help you with that. You may use them as reference or as a template to format one.

Components of a Funding Proposal

There are various components needed in order to write an effective funding proposal for a project. Here are the components your proposal has to have to be able to get the funding for your project proposal:

  • Summary – The summary is the most important component or part of a funding proposal. This contains the title and the summary of the project that you are going to propose. A summary is important to be able to write the summary and overview of your project. It is important to keep it clear and on point to be able to convince the individual or company reading your proposal to fund it.
  • Statement of Need – Part of a project proposal needs to contain the reasons why you need the funding and why the project can be beneficial.
  • Project Activity and Outcomes – This part is essential to highlight the importance of your project. This includes the timeline of the project and the outcome that people will benefit from the project. Also state what issue has made you decide to make a project proposal about it.
  • Evaluation – State what methods you will use to achieve the particular project.


You may check our Funding Proposal Templates and Project Proposal Examples to help you craft an effective funding proposal.

Dos and Don’ts of Writing a Funding Proposal

Here are the dos and don’ts when writing a funding proposal. It is important to follow these guidelines to be able to write a good proposal. Being able to write good Project Proposal Letters is essential.


  • Before writing a funding proposal, it is important to know and understand the organization you are writing your proposal for. It is essential to be able to incorporate in your proposal the right keywords and the right content to ensure that you get the funding.
  • Always remember to specifically craft your proposal based on the format and guidelines of that particular organization. You may refer to our selection of Funding Proposal Samples, which you can use to guide you in making a proposal.
  • When writing one, write clearly and on point, avoiding unnecessary information.
  • It is always important to specify the exact numbers needed in your project. Giving the exact numbers will help the organization decide whether funding the project is possible.



  • Writing a proposal shouldn’t have unnecessary paragraphs containing long irrelevant data.
  • Do not include other expenses that are not needed in the funding so as not to confuse the organization.

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