Proposals are written documents that are provided by one party to another for the purpose of discussion or consideration. When writing a proposal, it is important to have all the necessary elements present in your document in order to have an effective and useful document. There are many different types of proposals that can be used depending on its purpose.

Proposals are especially important in businesses in order to obtain new clients, get a particular job, or acquire funding for a project. If you need to create a written proposal, like a business proposal and design proposal, there are samples and templates available for download on this page to help you create your document. We have sample proposal letters and proposal letters in PDF you can use as reference.

Planning Your Proposal

Business proposals are essential documents in a company or business. Before creating a business proposal, it is important to plan and gather all the necessary information or data and materials before submitting your proposal. Effectively planning your proposal ensures that you will have a functional and effective proposal. The steps needed to be done in planning your proposal are as follows:

  • The first step that you need to do when you start planning your proposal is to determine the type of audience who will be reading your proposal. It is also important to understand what your aim is in your proposal to be able to provide the right information to your audience.
  • Identify the issue that you want to address in your proposal.
  • Based on the issues or problems that you have identified, create a draft of the solutions to these issues that will convince your audience why your proposal is effective. Also, identify your goals and objectives for the proposal that you will be creating.
  • Plan on how your proposal will look based on the information or data that you want to present. It is important for the design to fit its purpose.
  • Make an outline or a draft of the whole proposal, ensuring every essential element is present in the proposal.

How to Format Your Proposal

Here are the components of a proposal:

  • Title page – this section contains the title of the proposal.
  • Table of contents – this page contains the list of items in your proposal.
  • Executive summary – provide an overview or background of your company.
  • Statement of the problem – the section where the problem or issue is discussed.
  • Methodology – state the methods needed to solve the client’s problems.
  • Qualifications – discuss why your company is the best fit to do the job in solving the potential client’s problem.
  • Schedule – clearly lay out the schedule of the proposal.
  • Cost – indicate the total costs of the project and the schedule for payment.
  • Benefits – discuss how the potential client will benefit from your offer.


Sample business proposals and proposal examples are available for download on this page.

How to Write Your Own Proposal

The steps in writing your own proposal are as follows:

  • The first step that you should do before writing your proposal is to download a template. Business proposal letters and proposal samples are available for download if you need a template.
  • Create a title page by writing the name of your company, the name of the other organization, and the date the proposal is submitted.
  • Write an introduction in your proposal that will capture the attention of the readers.
  • State the problems or issues that need to be solved.
  • In this section, write the solutions or methods needed to be done to solve the client’s problems.
  • Clearly state the schedule of the project and the estimated costs or budget of the entire proposal.

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