We go to hotels for either leisure or business matters and find all sort of people there such families, couples, backpackers, businessmen or tourists, all with different agenda in mind. Basically, a hotel is a business that caters to people of all walks of life. Yet competition is quite tough for new or even seasoned hotels, with a lot of other hotel chains popping up and introducing all sorts of promotion and amenities, so the hotel sales team has indeed a lot of work cut out for them. The best way to seek new clients and keep retaining old ones is to design an impressive hotel sales proposal. Read more about this in our article below and don’t forget to check out our free hotel sales proposal samples.

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What Is a Hotel Sales Proposal?

Hotels belong to the hospitality industry, which is a category of fields within the service industry. So the main selling point of any hotel is its service. And selling services isn’t as easy as it sounds, much so when you have a lot of competition who more or less has the same thing going on. So the question is, if you are running a hotel, how do you stand different from the rest? A good place to start is through a hotel sales proposal. Whenever clients ask for a RFP or a request for proposal, hotel managers are to out send their hotel sales proposal as a respond to these request. A hotel sales proposal is a document that caters to that particular request and the usual subject of these type of proposals are for events such as conferences, seminars, weddings and etc.

How To Write a Hotel Sales Proposal?

Always keep in mind that clients who request for proposal have probably sent a dozen others to your competitors. So this is where you must try to make an outstanding proposal in order to win your client’s approval. You will need to upgrade your sales tactics to entice more potential customers and make them one of your regulars. Delivering the right service, choosing your words well and your business ideas so it may meet your client’s own ideals and goals. Here is some tips to go over before you start with your proposal:

  • Understand what your client requires from you. After a meeting or perhaps a talk over the phone and a detailed RFP sent over an email, identifying and anticipating what your client’s needs are, and then incorporating this information into your hotel sales proposal. Demonstrate how the event or activity at your hotel will satisfy their preferences and make it personal to their needs. Utilize any information on their role and interests to ensure it is relevant to them.
  • Showcase your property, services and the amenities you will be offering. If your client has a theme in mind, you may include that but always suggest otherwise so they have different choices to choose from. Ensure you provide the details that the client has requested.
  • Highlight the ways in which you stand out from the competition, let them know why they should pick your property from the rest. You may also highlight past events your hotel property has hosted, include any testimonials.
  • Always be clear and quick to respond. What client’s dislike the most is the delayed revert of any proposals. As they too are catching on a deadline, and you don’t want to be beaten out by your competition. Client’s are often impressed by a quick response time, and this may help them also quickly choose your hotel property instead.

A hotel sales proposal may differ in format, but more or less it contains a detailed outline of the staff, features, and amenities for the event. It should familiarize the client with the venue, share contact information, and address the client’s specific needs. It also provides a high-level overview of the budget and fees included. Let us go the following basic contents of a hotel sales proposal.

I. Cover Page

Make sure you have a sharp and attractive cover page, that includes the proposal’s title, author of the proposal, hotel name and contact details and whom the proposal is addressed to.

II. Brief Introduction

In this section, this should highlight the venue(s) you will be suggesting to the client. An overview of your services and some photos would be a good addition.

III. Features and Amenities

Go into detail about venue’s features such as its dinning and capacity size and any additional information. You may also want to add other additional venues that may interest your client should they need a bigger or perhaps smaller space for their event. By doing so, you can include in this section the corresponding room rental fees, the room set up, tables and chairs, tableware, event staffing, and clean up after the event. Fees also include a damage deposit which is due upon acceptance of the proposal.

IV. Additional Services

Propose any other additional services that your hotel property has to offer that may take interest your client. Examples of which are valet parking, event planning, decorations, security and etc.

V. About The Hotel and the Team

It would be good to introduce the team who will be taking care of the event should it push through. And a brief background about the hotel and its history. This would also be a great opportunity for you to highlight any past events your hotel property has hosted and add some testimonials from previously satisfied clients.

VI. Proposed Budget

In this section, provide a breakdown of the work that will go into planning and executing the event as well as a proposed budget. Since this is still a proposal the detailed schedule with the deliverables and timelines are to follow once an approval from the client is received.

VII. Terms And Conditions

Include the terms and condition in your contract such as payment terms, cancellation charges, warranty and other information relevant to the proposal.


What Is A Sales Letter?

A sales letter is a document that promotes a good or service. Its objective is to persuade the reader to buy what the letter offers.

What Are the Benefits of Event or Function in a Hotel?

There are a number of benefits of holding an event or function in a hotel aside from its convenience. This could help with event management, on-site catering and dining, hotel guest amenities, assistance of professional hotel staff and many others.

What Is a Sales Proposal?

A sales proposal is a document created by a sales representative to illustrate the value of a new product or service.

Start writing your winning hotel sales proposal now, don’t forget to go over the tips and the proposal contents so you may achieve your client’s approval.

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