Upcoming elections or political campaigns are the times when you go in search of a nice brochure or template design for posters, flyers etc, to tell people about the work your party did and how much you are interested to bring on more changes. These brochures are made to contain valuable information about how much you are doing for the common man, your future projects in mind etc. Try these designs to see how much these clicks your election campaign. You can also see Law Firm Brochures

Political Campaign Brochure

Your name on the top, with a nice and amiable picture below is the design you may show in the bifold brochure. In the internal pages tell about your works, or simply state it on the back side. You can also see Religious Brochures

Political Tri-Fold Brochure Photoshop

This is a tri fold design, but the folds are horizontal. The design lets you tell about your works in small highlighted lines. The bright red color and the space for image makes this template a really bright and eye catching design. You can also see Promotional Brochures

Political Election Mailer Brochure Template

This is a purely sophisticated design which emphasizes on the party’s logo and symbols, and then on gala information about works, projects, motto etc. No pictures or images other than party logo and symbols are used here.

Political Election Palm Card

This template has a special 3D look. The style is smart and precise. You will see the picture of the candidate and below some quick information about a gathering etc, which is the smart and small format in one single long and sleek page. The color used is blue and grey.

Political Election Brochure

You get various color schemes and styles on the same design and layout. Change the bright background color into any of your choice, and use your image on it, to make it smart and compact.

Political Affair Brochure Template

This is more of a pictorial representation with little textual elements, so that you may show off your work in style with pictures. This form is catchy and the pictures speak a lot boldly.

Political Candidate Brochure Template

Very original, and smart without any exaggeration, and only the party logo and label with smart pictures of the candidate for introduction, and some smart and serious text; that is what makes this template a classy one built in white.

Political Activity Brochure

This political brochure is a 5 fold design, where you can tuck in as much textual content as you want. Made purely for textual content, and without focus on images etc, this one uses just a little magenta color on the front fold or page, and the rest is left off white to highlight text only.

Political Brochure Template Free

The political candidate brochure design is just apt to give highlight to political candidate’s old work, projects and career, and the design is quite colorful, so that individual block of information shared can extract the focus onto them.

Political Vector Brochure

This is actually a flyer design, with the writings vote for the president. However you may change the words with the name of the candidate too. There is a place to show image and you can use this with simplicity.

You can get great designs for you political campaign from these brochures. These brochures can help you create sensational news and image of you and the party in public. The better and classy way you use to represent your image, the better will be the public response.

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