If you are planning to launch your law firm brochure or you are simply finding a good design to make your client a brochure for his law firm, then you are at the right place. Here is a nice collection of templates and these are perfectly suited to highlight the bold, ethical, professional, talented, and smart look of the law firm, its image, the advocates and the information related to the firm. You can also see Tourism Brochure Templates

Law Firm Tri Fold Leaflet Brochure Template

The template is tri-fold. Hence the leaves of the brochure pages will be sleek and long. You can fit in images and information both in it. In the examples, the front and back of the design are shown. The colors used are smart and the pink and white combination looks quite corporate due to the low pink usage. You can also see Studio Brochure Templates

Law Firm Brochure Template

This is a very simple and sophisticated brochure design. Long and sleek and available in 2 color schemes and may even be modified into more color schemes, this one do not exaggerate. The simple use of company name and logo, with the law scales on it, makes this look smart and professional. You can also see Memorial Brochure Templates

Law Firm Corporate Brochure

White and magenta is all that you see as color over the design. The tri fold brochure design is just perfect to suit the image of a seriously dedicated and strong foundation law firm. It sets an instant image of serious work, and class. You can also see Coffee Shop Brochure Templates

Real Estate Law Firm Brochure

This is actually a mockup kit which you may use for many purposes. This would also suit you if you are trying to make some nice personalized design of brochure, coffee mugs, office stationeries and other items used in a law firm. The pinkish red and the black color make it noticeable and bright.

Legal Bifold Brochure

This is a two-fold brochure design available in PSD format. The colors used are very cool and the use of darkest blue in a low tone shade and grey makes this look utterly professional. Add a bunch of information about your business, and also add the panel of lawyers you have to make this look interesting.

Attractive Law Firm Brochure

This is a two-fold brochure template designed in royal blue and white. The blue makes it look smart and corporate and the use of broad images which you may use to show off the law firm or the construction site, real estate etc, looks really nice.

Law Firm Brochure Psd

This can be used to make the brochure of a law firm, or for an individual advocate. You may use a nice and inviting image on the front page of the 3 fold design, and more information in the internal pages. The blue color looks very nice on white.

Lawyer Law Firm Brochure

Use this bright brochure template for a law firm or for your real estate business, and you will get a lot of highlight just from the smart yellow and blue combination design, which looks too professional and stylish on the tri fold style.

Legal Trifold Brochure Mockup

The steel grey and black based mystic design looks really nice with three folds and this design gets highlight when complimented with the orange color bold font. The size offered is 8.5×15 inch while the resolution you may use here is 4000×3000 px which is quite good for the size.

Awesome Law Firm Brochure Template

This is a book or leaflet style brochure and this is one such item that you would like to use for making advertisements and also creating nice information booklets for the law firm. Minimalist design, smart use of purple and white colors makes this look simple and sober.

Colorful Law Firm Brochure

Orange and coffee and white make this brochure look crisp, fresh and inviting with the classy image of a law firm theme. This one can be used to write loads of information, and show off your best advocates in a few pictures.

All of the designs above are marvelously crafted and they are made just as the law firms want their brochures or posters to be. They are not extra colorful or too bright and have just the required dash of colors to highlight the subtle style and great professionalism.

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