Performance evaluations are conducted to assess an individual’s performance in work and other things. A performance evaluation is usually done to review how well an employee has performed over a period of time. Some companies have their own employee performance evaluation system that they conduct monthly or quarterly. Most companies spend time creating evaluation forms, often making their own standardized version.

Together with a performance evaluation form is a self-evaluation form that employers require their employees to fill out about what they think about their own performance. This helps employees determine how an employee will perform in the company.

What Is the Purpose of Performance Evaluation?

  • Through a performance evaluation, an employer is not only able to assess the performance of an employee but their strengths and weakness as well.
  • Employees and their immediate superiors are made aware that performance guidelines are reasonably created.
  • To provide employees with the uniform set of goals to meet and motivate them to do more and perform better with their jobs.
  • Performance evaluations provide continuous feedback that is essential for the growth and development of an employee while working in the company.
  • An employee performance evaluation form allows for accurate and standardized measurement of an employee’s performance.

How to Fill Out a Performance Evaluation Form

Filling out a performance evaluation form takes more than just filling out the usual form. These forms are used to assess an employee and to help identify their growth in the company, that is why they should be done accurately and fairly.

  • You should write clear and concise information about the employee.
  • Review previous assessments and past performance record of the employee. Gather as much relevant information as you can.
  • Make sure to complete all sections of the form and mark those that are not applicable accordingly.
  • Write down the employee’s score based on the given metrics.

Tips for Creating Effective Employee Performance Evaluation Forms

Every company produces their own employee performance evaluation form. While some of them have become standards within their company, there are still certain flaws to it. Although performance evaluation forms are created based on a company’s preference and nature of work, it is still beneficial if they consider these tips.

  • If you have checked performance evaluation form examples you will notice that they are made simple in order for the employees to be able to understand them.
  • The use of jargons and technical words should be avoided in making a performance evaluation form. Employees will better understand the things written in it if they are familiar with the words being used.
  • Review past performances and previous assessments done about the employee being assessed.
  • There are different jobs and roles within a company or organization, that is why it is just right to create different performance evaluation forms for each job or role.
  • The metrics for the specific job or role should be thoroughly explained to the employees and should always be part of the performance self-evaluation form for the employees’ reference.
  • Do not use ambiguous words as this may cause confusion and lead the employees to assume something different from what is really meant.

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