Finding jobs these days can be frustrating, as you are not the only one looking for one. To counter this kind of problem, it usually starts with creating a unique resume using the best resume examples available. The main goal is to attract your viewers with a good resume design and a good profile to start your resume.

Providing a resume is important because they are mainly the reference to be used by a hiring company or recruiter if you have the skills and knowledge to take on the specific job a company may need you to do. For your viewers to be interested, you will need to create a good resume summary as well.

What Is a Resume Profile?

Resume profiles can serve as the introduction to your resume. An individual can summarize all their skills and work experience in this section. Most of the time, they will also include objectives and goals once they are hired by the recruiter or hiring company.

If this section can be made correctly, this can serve as an effective introduction to your resume and will give you a good impression by the hiring company or viewer. Most resume profile examples do not have a long introduction, but a paragraph or two can be enough, as more information will be available in the resume anyway.

Tips for Effective Resumes

  • Mention the position you are applying for – For starters, you should mention what position you are trying to apply for in the company to give the hiring company an idea on what job position you want.
  • Include the school you graduated from and your highest educational attainment – It would also be advisable to include your highest educational attainment and from which school you studied. Placing a summary on your most recent work will also help the recruiter know more about your background.

Resume Profile Examples

Below are some resume profile examples for different positions you can use to create your own:

  • Accountant – Accounting director with 15 years experience in all facets of accounting; well versed with handling people or teams and equipped with knowledge in all tasks that an accountant should do.
  • Career change – Experience with a variety of roles from different companies; well versed with customer service and administration related tasks. Team player with good time management skills.
  • Customer service – Knows how to handle a variety of customer personalities; well versed with communication and people skills. Knows how to address different concerns through phone, email, and personal contact.
  • Editor and writer – Excellent literature and writing skills; well versed with identifying errors in grammar and sentence construction. Manages own blog that has a large number of Web visitors.
  • Education – A doctoral degree holder with knowledge on different methods of teaching; well versed in handling class and managing students.


These are just some examples in formatting your resume profiles and help you get the job you want. You can also browse through other related topics on different resume summary statements to help give you a firm grasp on how to properly create a summary for your resume and give you tips on creating your resume profile.

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