You hear a lot of people talk about resume when you’re about to graduate or get a promotion, but most especially when you’re looking for a job. So what is a resume then? A resume is a written document containing your personal information, work experience, educational, professional background, and credentials.

Your resume is like a personal advertisement of yourself to the potential employers, that is why it is important to know the things to include in resume to ensure that professionalism is maintained and are based on facts. Remember that resume is an overview of your skills, abilities, and qualifications.

What Is a Resume Objective?

When you look for resume examples for every career, you’ll notice that there is a section labeled as Resume Objective. Resume objective is the part where you write your aimed position and the type of job you’re looking for. Usually this is only composed of one to three sentences long, not entirely composing a full paragraph. To write effectively, be specific on the skills that you possess that could make you fit for the position you’re applying for. Include the career path you want to pursue in the future or the career growth you want to have in the company.

When to Use a Resume Objective

In the resume summary examples you’ll encounter, not all resumes have resume objective because there are cases that this section is not necessary. As mentioned above, a resume objective is composed of the skills and experiences you have. This means that if you know the job position you’re applying well enough, you could use resume objective to gain attention from the employers. Another case when you could use resume objective is during a shifting of careers. This portion could showcase what you have that makes you qualified, competent, and fit despite graduating from an unrelated course or different department.

How to Write a Strong Resume Objective

Writing a resume objective should be specific for every company; do not just copy-paste the entire content. It should be fit and aligned with what the company is looking for and what you could contribute for it. We will be listing some resume objectives examples to give you more ideas of its looks.

You could be specific on your qualifications by using the keywords they’re looking for, which are found on the job description. Remember to only write the skills that applies to the job and one that you possess. Lastly, give a brief explanation on why you are an ideal candidate.

Sample Resume Objective Statements

There are generic resume objectives that are used when you’re applying for a similar job position but from different companies. The following are sample resume objective statements:

  • To look for a position where I could apply, develop, and enhance my writing and communication skills.
  • I am seeking for a position at ABC Company where I can integrate my 5 years experience in marketing management with quality products and excellent consumer strategy.
  • I am currently looking for a full-time position in customer service that offers a space to grow as an individual and serve the people.

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