A certificate of authenticity stands for a seal on paper authenticating a specific work or art which is done to show that the item is purely authentic. A Certificate of Completion Templates. can be easily searched on the web and downloaded with just one click of a button. There are a thousand options to choose from for easy and convenient customizing of these authenticity templates.

Editable Certificate Packages – in PSD, Word

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Certificate of Authenticity Template in Word

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Authenticity Certificate Template in Word

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Certificate of Authenticity Template

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Authenticity Certificate Template in Doc

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Product Authenticity Certificate Template

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Simple Certificate of Authenticity Template in Word

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Brand Authenticity Certificate.

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Artwork Authenticity Certificate Template

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Certificate of Authenticity Template

Award Certificate of Authenticity Template

Amazing Certificate of Authenticity Template

Downloadable Certificate of Authenticity Template

Editable Certificate of Authenticity Template

Beautiful Certificate of Authenticity

Certificate of Authenticity Template PSD

Beautiful Background Authenticity Certificate

Dark Background Authenticity Certificate Template

Purple Colour Authenticity Certificate Template

Multipurpose Authenticity Certificate

Award of Excellence Authenticity Certificate Template

Certificate of Authenticity Example

Customizable Certificate Of Authenticity

Universal Certificate of Authenticity

Company Name Authenticity Certificate Template

Authenticity Certificate Company Name

Employee Authenticity Certificate Template

Certificate of Authenticity PSD

These templates contain 4 customizable PSD documents with organized layers. This can be used for both personal and commercial projects. These are easily customizable as you can add your own choice of fonts and be able to change colors. It contains layouts in both horizontal and vertical formats for print-outs.

Printable Certificate of Authenticity


A printable authenticity template allows you to print an authenticity letter efficiently and a sample certificate contains all the details of the product or work of art that needs to be certified as authentic. You can get such templates online and download them for free in PDF, word, PSD formats.

Download Certificate of Authenticity Wording


This certificate is easily downloadable from the internet and can print with fine art inkjet pigment. It is certified with the help of a hologram that carries a unique number so that it is recognized to be a legal certification. Such a template is fully editable according to your needs.

Business Certificate of Authenticity Template

Certificate of authenticity is needed in business purposes too so that a product is legally authenticated. For this, a likewise template is required. This template comes in a matte finish paper. It comes with a sharp and crisp layout with many color choices and more paper options to choose from.

Business Certificate of Authenticity Form


Business companies require a certain form that authenticates their products as legal. For this, a certificate of authenticity template helps in knowing what to write in such a letter. This form is filled up by the concerned person who guarantees authentication of the company with a list of legal documents.

Download Certificate of Authenticity Template Microsoft Word


A certificate of authenticity proves a certain product is authentic or not. With the help of this, you do the same by just filling in with correct details and printing it out in the Microsoft word format. Here you write the company’s name, date of purchase and other required information.

Certificate of Authenticity Template Art


This template is apt for creating an authentication certificate regarding something related to art. Such a template which would help to write about authentication of a product of art in legal terms is fully customizable that helps you to create a certificate of authentication and print in PDF, PSD, word or graphic formats.

Sample Certificate of Authenticity Format Download


Such a certification template can be found in various websites and is easily downloaded for free. It gives you a very high resolution image of the certificate of authentication. You can use this template for creating such certificates for official and commercial purposes, as it is very easy to customize.

Certificate of Authenticity Template

This template provides easy help if you are looking forward to write an authentication certificate. This saves your time and helps you to authentic a product or a work of art in the easiest way. Convenient and easy-to-use, these templates are all over the web and are free to download.

Therefore, if you are looking for a hassle-free way of writing a certificate of authentication, be it regarding any kind of business, or a product which needs legal authentication, you do not need to look any further. Hundreds of certificate of authenticity template are available online to make your work easier than you have ever thought.
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