It doesn’t matter what you’re selling. It could be a family heirloom, or your car, or that custom mountain bike that you never use but are finally getting around to getting rid of. No one is going to be inconvenienced by having all the details of the transaction and exchange down in writing. The benefits are even bigger if the goods that are being exchanged are valuable. Do note, however, that real estate Asset Purchase Agreement Templates transfers cannot make use of Asset Purchase Agreement Templates.

Share Purchase Agreement Deemed Dividend

share purchase agreement deemed dividend

Stock Purchase Agreement Template in Word

stock purchase agreement template

Confirmation of Purchase Agreement Template

confirmation of purchase agreement template1

Option to Buy Agreement Template to Edit

option to buy agreement template to edit

Simple Sale Agreement in iPages

simple sale agreement in ipages

Editable Exchange of Shares Agreement Template

editable exchange of shares agreement template

Vendor Agreement Template in Google Docs

vendor agreement template in google docs

Residential Purchase Agreement PDF

residential purchase agreement pdf

Purchase and Sale Agreement

purchase and sale agreement

Example of Purchase Agreement

example of purchase agreement

Trailer Purchase Agreement

trailer purchase agreement

Sale and Purchase Agreement

sale and purchase agreement

Purchase Agreement Format

purchase agreement format

Sample Purchase Agreement

sample purchase agreement

Simple Purchase and Sale Agreement

simple purchase and sale agreement1

Asset Purchase Agreement

sample asset sale agreement

When You Should Use a Purchase Agreement

In the following cases, having a purchase & Sales Agreement Templates handy is the way to go. Look through the samples that you will find here to better understand what kind you need.

  • You are selling your personal property and would like to maintain documentation of the transaction.
  • You are buying someone else’s personal property and wish to have the transaction documented.
  • You would like to exchange ownership of a particular commodity or good with someone else.

Why You Might Need a Purchase Agreement

When it’s just you and another individual, it can seem simpler to just do away with the formalities, but having a purchase agreement can’t hurt, right? And when the item in question is valuable, proper documentation becomes even more important.

  • It protects the interests of the buyer. If the item you purchased was misrepresented to you, then here’s the proof on paper that you have been cheated.
  • A written description in case of a mistake makes it easier to rectify the error and for the buyer to get their money back.

It might seem easier to do without a purchase agreement when it comes to a seemingly simple transaction, but just get one anyway. You never know, right? These samples will give you a good idea of what to put in, but remember that they are to serve as guidelines only.

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