A doctor’s note, also known as a sick note or medical certificate, is used as a document that serves as a proof about one’s health. It could be evidence about getting off from work because of a sickness, or it could be used as one of the requirements for pre-employment to certify that one is fit to work.

Being an important work document to prove an excuse, people make use of fake doctor’s notes to be able to get away from the lies they have been telling. While there are fake doctor’s notes advantages, there are also disadvantages and certain risks once you are caught using one.

What Is the Protocol on Asking for Doctors’ Notes?

An employer would likely to want to be contacted or notified in case their employee can’t come to work because of an illness. The employees may be asked to present a doctor’s note or a medical certificate when they return to work. But this is not always true for all companies. There are company’s that don’t require doctor’s notes if an employee is just absent for a day or two. However, if the absences appear to be abusing their sick leave rights, then an employer may require a doctor’s notes. The protocol for asking a doctor’s notes vary and they usually depend on the employer or the company protocol. Know more about doctor’s notes by checking samples of doctor’s notes in word.

How to Get a Doctor’s Note

  • First, call in and notify your employer that you are sick and you can’t come to work.
  • Assess if you are capable of going to the doctor for a checkup. If not, you can ask someone to go with you.
  • Present yourself to the nurse so that initial assessment will be done.
  • The nurse will also asses if you need immediate care and must see a doctor immediately.
  • The doctor will make his assessment and diagnose your case.
  • After that you can request for a note or a medical certificate from them.
  • Make sure that the doctor’s notes you have is complete by comparing it with other doctor’s note samples.

Why Do I Need a Doctor’s Note?

A doctor’s note or a medical note is needed for the following reasons.

  • When one becomes sick and calls in because of that. Some employers would ask them to present a doctor’s note when they return to work.
  • Doctor’s notes are needed as evidence or proof about one’s claims regarding their health condition.
  • Doctor’s notes are also needed as part of the pre-employment requirements.
  • Food handlers need to be healthy, thus they need a doctor’s note or a medical certificate before they can work and handle food.
  • When applying for a paid sick leave, doctor’s notes are needed as attachment.
  • Insurance companies also require doctor’s notes as proof of one’s claims.

How to Create a Doctor’s Note

  • Secure a doctor’s notes template, or you may download one online.
  • Fill in the needed information—like the patient’s name, age, gender, and vital sign—just like what you would usually write in a patient note.
  • Complete the note by writing the patient’s chief complaints for seeking medical help, including your diagnosis and the number of days allowed for rest.
  • Don’t forget to write your complete name, licence number, and your signature.

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