A business may find difficulties within the entirety of its operations and one of these instances or circumstances is when the business cannot make the ends meet during payroll activities. In this particular event, the business contract will not be able to pay the employees who have provided their services and expertise for a particular time period or duration. As a business owner, you need to make sure that you can still provide the needs of your employees based on what you have promised them.

Even though you cannot make a certified payroll anymore, there are still ways on how you can pay your employees that will be the center of this discussion. If you want to get out of this situation, you have to be aware of the activities that you may do to protect not only your employees but your business as well. Since it is most common for you to already know in an advanced manner that you cannot provide a payroll to your employees, it will be easier for you to seek professional help and provide real updates to your workforce. There are many reasons why an employer will be unable to make business payroll.

This can be due to the seasonal changes or because you have invested your money to expand your business, and so on. These are only a few of the reasons why an employer cannot pay his/her employees. Since a business’s employees are essential to the operations contract of the business, it is important for the employer to handle these kinds of situations in a proper and professional manner. Below, we have listed the steps that you can do if you are unable to pay your employees, as well as the various sources that you can get financing from.

Steps to Follow If You Know You Can’t Make a Payroll

Running a business can be difficult, especially for new companies that are unable to properly manage their finance statement for business. It is not only the employers or the business that will be affected by this but also the people helping the business run, specifically the employees. Not only will the employees lose their jobs but are most often disregarded by the business plan when it comes to paying them once the business files for bankruptcy or closes. For business owners, there are a few steps that you can do to help you pay your employees.

The steps that you need to do if you can’t make payroll are as follows:

Step 1. Assess your financial reports and identify the signs that will indicate your incapacity to make payroll.

Check your business’s financial records in order for you to verify that you will not be able to make a payroll for your employees. Getting all the necessary information and preparing how to notify your employees is the first step in order to clearly explain to your employees.

Step 2. Notify your business’s or company’s employees in advance that you will be unable to create a payroll in Excel.

As an employer, it can be quite embarrassing to inform your employees that you won’t be able to pay them, but it is always important to notify them of the status report of your business since they are directly affected by it. Gather your workforce and let them know the reason why you are unable to pay them. Inform your employees on what you plan to do, such as the steps that you will do to fix the problem or if they should be looking for other opportunities.

Step 3. Re-evaluate your resources and monetary sources.

Evaluate and assess the resources that your company has. For example, you can lease some of the equipment that your business has to be able to pay your employees. You can also find other monetary sources that you can get money from such as your personal plan finances, loans, and payment from both the customers and suppliers. Through this, you will be able to pay your employees for the meantime until your business gets back on track.

Step 4. Properly organize and allocate these resources so you can pay your employees.

Once you have properly organized and gathered money from the resources we have discussed previously, you can allocate the money that you have collected to pay your employees until the problems that your business has financially is fixed.

Step 5. Make sure to create measures, regulations, and guides to help you prevent the particular instance to happen again in the future.

Now that you have solved your problem, it is important to create various measures and regulations and also properly evaluate your company’s financial records and statements to ensure that this kind of situation doesn’t happen again in the future. Keeping track of your business’s cash flow statements, specifically the money going in and out of the company, your expenses, and profit is important, which is why your company’s financial statements are essential.

Sources of Financing

We have mentioned in the discussion above that you need to re-evaluate your resources and monetary sources for you to find an easy escape path for this situation. Here are some of the financial resources that you may consider using.

  • Personal finances: You can look at your personal savings to determine whether you can invest some of the cash you have to pay the employees of your business.
  • Loans: You can also apply for bank application to help you in paying your employees. Although a loan application can take several weeks or months especially when having your loan approved, you can choose other types of loans like a small business loan option, which you can have within 5 days. These methods can be useful in helping you to ensure that you will be able to pay your employees especially when you are in a situation like this.
  • Pay cut: If you can’t pay your employees from a loan or from your personal finance income statement, another way to make it easier for you to pay your employees is by reducing the pay of your employees. This will help you avoid laying off your employees when your business is in a difficult financial situation.
  • Payment from customers: You can also collect payments from your business’s accounts receivable or the money owed by your customers to your company. This will help you pay your employees from the cash that you have collected.


The steps that you will specifically follow and your sources of financing may vary depending on the financial situation and condition of the payroll where your business operations and processes are currently involved in. Furthermore, you can download from the various templates we have on our website should you need to create other types of documents. These include a blank payroll form, loan contracts, profit and loss statements, and so on.

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