It is very important for businesses and corporations out there to make sure that they have everything on track. Meaning that they have full transparency on what’s going on in the entirety of their companies. Exercising full transparency within an organization enables managers and supervisors to make better informed decisions and easily delegate tasks according to the current status of a company. Business owners gather all sorts of information all day about how their business works. Observes workers, checking the company’s bank balance, communicate with customers, review financial reports and balance sheets, and a whole lot more just to have a better grasp of what’s going on inside of their company.

That is why most if not all managers or supervisors both draft and require management reports from their employees. Especially for companies that specialize in large scale projects such as construction works. Management reports present a bunch of data and operational information from various departments within the worksites and present it in an understandable way. This document keeps managers on track with all the progress and work-related activities that happen in and around the site. It is a fairly important document in the corporate world, and if you want to keep the transparency between you and your departments, drafting one is the best step you can take. Get to know the document by checking out these construction project management report samples that we have listed down below. You can also use these samples as guides or templates for when you want to write your own construction project management report.

3+ Construction Project Management Report Samples

1. Construction Project Management Report

File Format
  • MS Word
  • Google Docs


2. School Construction Project Management Report

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 6 MB


3. Printable Construction Project Management Report

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 2 MB


4. General Construction Project Management Report

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 8 MB


What Is a Construction Project Management Report?

Management reports are documents that provide the type of data necessary for a company’s managers to successfully operate a business. It’s essentially a collection of data and operational information from various departments. They present communication details and information of business results, risk, and issues created by managers for the executive management, supervisors, or other governance bodies to use. They help them control and operate their businesses by being able to make more informed decisions. Management reports disclose operational and financial information to supervisors and stakeholders enabling them to see the worth of their business or company over time. They reflect how good the company is performing, giving the necessary information for the decision makers to move in the optimal direction and increase operating efficiency. Construction management reports operate just about the same way, but more inclined for construction projects. These report the current status of the project and where it’s going moving forward.

What Should Go in a Construction Management Report?

It’s a fairly important report in the corporate business, especially for project that are in a much larger scale. Before you send out your management report, make sure that it looks great and contains all the information that you need to present. Each construction project management report should include:

  1. Cover Page
    Cover pages add just the right amount of professionalism in your document. Incorporate your company’s logo or seal in your cover page to make it more personalized and fitting.
  2. Mission, Vision, Values
    Value, mission, and vision statements define your organization and what it stands for. It summarizes your company’s strategy at the highest possible level. If your employees don’t know you mission and vision statements by heart, then the strategy that you will be composing isn’t likely to catch on. Include them at the beginning of your report in order to reinforce your company’s identity and strategy.
  3. Table of contents
    A construction management report can go for over 15 pages. It all depends on the scale and nature of the components that your report will be covering. By including a table of contents within, you’ll make it easier for the management to find what they are looking for.
  4. Organizational scorecard
    A good report should contain all the information that your management team needs in order to make a proper informed decision. Make this task easier for them by including a high-level overview of your organization scorecard. The information within the scorecard should be organized for maximum efficiency, ease of use, and fully comprehensible. Include a brief explanation of the status of each objective and it’s measures and initiatives so  the management team gets the idea quickly.
  5. Detailed pages
    Be sure to include at least a single page for your company’s objectives of strategic goals. Detailed pages will be more valuable in the long run by providing someplace they can use to present necessary information. Include a brief analysis, a couple recommendations, and other information on the supporting metrics of projects.
  6. Charts
    Charts are the easiest way to explain your company’s qualitative performance in a snapshot. Charts are best used when you are discussing and analyzing raw measures and data. If you have a well drafted chart in your management report, it’s easy to read, and consistent, you’ll have a happy leadership board.
  7. High-level project overviews
    While it is important to review the projects driving your strategy in your report, you don’t want it to turn into a boring discussion of every project in development. Therefore, you’ll have to include an overall status report for each and all additional important pieces of information.  Only include a brief summary and save your lengthy discussions for regular board meetings.
  8. Customized time-stamped footer
    You have to make sure that everyone is looking at the same version of the document. And the best way to incorporate that is through the footer. Include the name of the report, and name of the company.
  9. Action items
    The purpose of a management report is to review your strategy and take action. So you need a proper place to capture action items and major decisions from your meetings. Other managers won’t include this section in their management reports. But it’s quite an essential section that can easily alleviate your organizational troubles.


What are the types of management report?

  • Business reports
  • Status reports
  • Process reports
  • Project portfolio reports
  • Analysis reports

What are the 3 levels of management?

  • Administrative, or top level of management
  • Executive, or middle level of management
  • Supervisory, or lower level of management

What is a formal report?

Formal reports are official reports that contain important data and research information needed to make properly informed business decisions.

Organized and consistent management reports help keep your organization’s strategy on track and on point. While it can take quite some time and patience to get past common management report issues, perfecting the process and getting to maximum reporting efficiency make it all worth it.

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