Album covers are something that has to be designed in a way that people crave to own one. They have to be something that the world has not yet witnessed. The following PSD album cover templates are provided keeping the above-mentioned objectives in mind. They are premium and creative and innovation. Adjectives will fall short for them. PSD files are provided to insert your text with the awesome free fonts that come in the bundle. Album designs are simple world-class and different from one another to give you a wide range of choices.

Modern PSD Album Cover Template

psd album cover template free

This is a wonderful looking PSD album cover template with amazing text design and fonts used. Its size is 5 x 5 inches with 300 dpi and it has both front and back cover PSD files included for making adjustments.

Vinyl Album Cover Template PSD

vinyl album cover template psd

This is a simple album cover template made up of a photo with curvy fonts and the photo is replaceable with any relevant photo of your album and the fonts are provided too in the bundle.

CD Album Cover Template Psd

cd album cover template psd

This is a bright CD album cover template with a photo that is taken with DSLR camera from a live event and the other graphical effects are making it glitter to the eyes.

Floyd Album Cover

floyd album cover

This is a collection of Floyd album covers which are editable and they have a retro look. They can be modified to come out with a creative album that makes you shine.

Music Album Cover Template PSD

music album cover template psd

This is one hell of a cover template for album and 4 differently designed album covers are provided for variety. All the objects are changeable and it is in print ready format.

Nightclub CD Album Artwork

nightclub cd album artwork

This is a surreal CD album template designed especially for night club songs. The color combination is simply mind-blowing and you should definitely go for it without a second thought and change the color combination.

Electric Album Cover

electric album cover

This is a clean album cover with no text but some awesome fonts are provided in the bundle with PSD file and it is creative with artistic representation which attracts eyes easily.

Colorful Album Cover

This is a childish album cover with sketches and handmade drawings and it represents Green Day posters with awesome fonts. It is of size 13 x 19 inches.

Best Album Cover

best album cover

These are the real CD album that most people seek after. They are heavenly with creative designs and neon effect. It has 3 awesome variations.

Attractive Album Cover

attractive album cover

It is an 11 x14 inches album cover of Oasis with a character in artistic form and the objects are easily replaceable with the help guide that comes with it. It is clean and attractive.

Photo Album Cover

photo album cover

e. Just do the little tweaking and you are ready to be a best-seller.This is one of the best designs for album cover that takes you back to ancient time and the logo placed on it makes it look precious to own on

Beautiful Album Cover

This is a 8 x 5 inches album cover with simple design and soft color which makes it best for scrapbooks and awesome banners with a minimalist design not to distract the mind.

Amazing Album Cover

amazing album cover

This is one mess of colors which is hand drawn and it is this color combination that makes it look premium and something people have not seen yet and sure to attract them and own one.

All the above-listed album cover template are simply one better than the other. It is very easy to get confused which one to pick and get started as each one of them are handpicked so that you can design some super awesome covers and the source file of the templates are there at your disposal.

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