Caterers are essential during important events such as weddings. They make them enjoy their special day by feeding the married couple and their guests good food and serve them well. Since there will always be weddings held everywhere, caterers are prevalent to serve potential customers. Usually, if their customers approach them to ask for their services, caterers give a proposal. A catering proposal summarizes all the menu and terms that caterers discussed with their clients. It’s usually the first step that leads to a catering contract that formalizes the agreed services to be done by caterers for their clients. Read the article to know how to create a wedding catering proposal.

4+ Wedding Catering Proposal Samples

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2. Sample Wedding Catering Proposal

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What is a Wedding Catering Service?

Catering is part of the world of food business that provides food services at certain locations such as a hospital, hotel, cruise ship, or events like weddings, birthday parties, or company parties. A wedding catering service provides food and beverage to a wedding party. Most wedding catering services are part of a wedding package. Sometimes they can be hired independently.

How to Create a Wedding Catering Proposal

1. Discuss With the Client Regarding the Event

The wedding catering services will differ on what type of wedding reception a married couple gets. Meet with your potential client first to discuss the following details for their wedding:

  • type of wedding
  • date and time of the event
  • guest count
  • venue
  • menu ideas

Take note of these details since this will be the basis for your catering proposal.

2. List Down the Menu For the Wedding

Now it’s time to create the catering proposal. You can start the proposal by giving a short introduction to your catering business. The next section will highlight the proposed menu for the client based on your discussion. Most proposals include three menus that the couple can choose from. The menu must include all parts of the meal such as the appetizers, main dish, desserts, beverage, etc., and the price of each meal. Your menu planning must consider the following details:

  • Each menu must be balanced: Most standard menus include a balance of two proteins, one vegetable, and one starch.
  • Courses: Each course must complement the next course by offering a variety of food types.
  • If the menu is for buffet types: Count the number of buffet stations needed for the wedding event.

3. Include the Labor Costs and Additional Provisions

After listing down the menu, list down the labor costs that would entail during the preparation and production of food. You can also include the cost of setup, breakdown, housekeeping, and service. Don’t forget to include other rental costs such as renting silverware, glassware, tablecloths, tables, chairs, heaters, coolers, and other equipment and ornaments needed for the reception.

4. Include the Deposit Terms

The last section of your proposal must mention how your customer will pay. Include details such as the initial estimate of the deposit the customer will pay before sealing the deal. Specify also when you need the final information about the guest headcount, and when you require the customer to pay the final payment.


Is there money in catering?

As a starting caterer, you can expect to earn about $30,000, while top caterers at high-end or established businesses often pull in upwards of $80,000. This may seem like great news, but remember that there are also plenty of costs associated with starting a catering company, especially your own private company.

How do I start a catering business?

If you’re interested to start a catering business, you need to do the following:

  • Choose and business name and its type of business entity
  • Make a business plan
  • Get funding to operate your business well
  • Register your business to government agencies to get your business license
  • Determine what food you’ll serve and your pricing for it
  • Hire and train staff members
  • Market your business to people

How much does wedding catering usually cost?

Catering services calculate their budget using a per head basis or what each guest will cost to feed. The average cost for every guest range from $50-$150 depending on the catering company, the menu, and other factors.

What are the types of wedding catering services?

The different types of catering services that are common among weddings are plated meals, buffets, food stations, family-style dining, and cocktail-style.  

Once you’re done writing the proposal and ensure that it’s ready, you can give it to the client and discuss it with them. Keep in mind that the proposal can be modified if the client negotiates with you. If the client accepts the proposal, then congratulations! You now can move on to discuss your planning strategies and the timeline of the wedding event to help you get ready for their big day. To help you get started writing the proposal, download the free sample templates provided above for you to use as your reference!

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