Are you releasing new products or offering new services to the public? If you’re unaware of how to price them, you might encounter the risk of losing profits because you either priced your products or services too high for any customer not to buy them and go to other businesses that offer more affordable prices or you priced them too low that it doesn’t cover the costs of producing and manufacturing the products let alone making a profit for your business. To create efficient pricing, you need to figure out which pricing strategy works best for your products or services. Read the article to know how to make a pricing strategy proposal.

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Different Types of Pricing Strategy

  1. Competition-Based: This is the type of pricing strategy in which businesses set their prices according to the prices of their competitors.
  2. Dynamic: This type of strategy is a flexible and efficient way for businesses to gain revenue by taking advantage of customer demand at the moment they are ready to buy the product or service. One best example of this is airline tickets.
  3. Cost-Plus: This type of strategy only focuses on the costs of producing their products or services. This can also result in marking up prices.
  4. Hourly Pricing: This type of strategy is usually used in the service industry. This is a motivation factor for individuals to do their best when they get paid by the hour.
  5. Geographic Pricing: This type of strategy depends on the geographical location of where the product is sold. This is usually done for international sales where shipping and production can be more costly.
  6. Bundle Pricing: This type of strategy is when ya business offers a bundle of two or more complementary products or services together and sells them for a single price.

How to Write a Pricing Strategy Proposal

1. Know Your Business Goals

In the first part of your proposal, you need to outline your business goals right away. You can use your goals as your determinant basing the pricing of your products or services. The following business goals listed below are great examples that you can use:

  • Increase profitability
  • Improve cash flow
  • Penetrate a larger market
  • Larger market share
  • Increase revenue per customer
  • Beat your competitors
  • Introduction of a new product in the market

2. Do a Market Pricing Analysis

The next section is where you list down all your analysis in pricing your products or services that considers the context of the market where it belongs. You need to figure out what are the common pricing strategy that your competitions use in pricing a similar product or service that you offer.

3. Know Your Target Audience

This section is where you give comprehensive details regarding your target audience. When identifying your target audience, you need to answer the questions why, what, and how your target audience will use your product or service based on their needs. Knowing these things can help you create your pricing model and promotional campaigns that will align with your customer’s interest to buy your product.

4. Analyze Your Competition

Aside from knowing your target audience, you also need to know how your competition bases their prices as well. These two formulas will help you to create a sensible and efficient pricing strategy for your products and services. You need to identify at least three direct competitors and include your analysis of the structure of their pricing. You also need to include in your analysis how the products or services that you offer are better compared to your competition.

5. Create a Strategy Plan

This section is where you include the action plan of your pricing strategy for your products or services. When choosing the best strategy you need to base it on the market, customer, and competitive analysis that you did earlier. Below are some pricing strategies examples that are commonly used by businesses:

  • Economy pricing
  • Premium pricing
  • Price skimming
  • Promotional pricing
  • Psychological pricing
  • Versioning
  • Sandwich pricing
  • Competitive pricing
  • Value pricing


What are the 3Cs of pricing?

The 3Cs of pricing strategy is a strategic framework that emphasizes the importance of the business environment in a capitalistic aspect. The 3Cs are cost, customers, and competitors.

Why is pricing strategy important?

Pricing a product or service is important since it defines their value that is worthy enough for you to produce or do by giving profit and worth enough for your customers to invest their time and money to use and enjoy the products or services.

Writing a proposal for your pricing strategy isn’t a job that can be done pronto. You need to commit some time to do some research, analyze your data, make a plan, draft your proposal, and revise it for errors. However, take your time into making your proposal to ensure that it is clear, concise, and free from error. To help you get started on making your pricing strategy proposal, download our free sample templates provided above to use as your guide.

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