If a company wants to successfully succeed, then it is important to start working on a business plan. This particular document can provide the proper procedure on how to achieve a company’s business goals. If you have decided to start your own roofing company or perhaps you want to expand your existing business, then you will very much need a roofing company business plan to make it more profitable. It is also a relevant document if you need investors or require funding from the bank. Read more about this in our article below and if you want to get started with your planning, check out our free roofing company business plan samples as well.

3+ Roofing Company Business Plan Samples

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What Is a Roofing Company Business Plan?

Planning for your company’s future in terms of revenue, business opportunities, revamping your service offers, or expanding your marketing program is all included in your roofing business plan. Roofing companies are still on demand with people in need to refurbish or remodel their roofs or require roof service maintenance and other things. However, trying to penetrate the market with a lot of well-established and seasoned roofing companies in the marketplace would come up as a challenge. This is why you need a business plan, as this document will contain business strategies that highlight its goals and its plans for achieving them. This summarizes the operational and financial objectives of your roofing business.

How To Create a Roofing Company Business Plan?

A roofing company business plan is just like any other business plan, the only difference is its contents and the data should be in line with the industry your company is into. To write an effective business plan, you need an accurate marketing analysis, a distinct sales strategy, and an accurate financial plan. To get you started, the following items below are basic components of a roofing company business plan.

I. Executive Summary

Although in most cases, an executive summary is written last but this section is the first thing your readers will see in your business plan. Now, to write an executive summary you need to summarize the overall components that make up your roofing company like the business structure, your customers, and the company’s values and visions.

II. Company Information

This section includes the basic information about your roofing business, the company’s owners, and brief history, location, and how opening up a roofing company benefits society and your clients. You can also perhaps point out a relevant problem, and how your company will be able to solve that problem.

III. Product and Service Details

In this section of the business plan, create a comprehensive list of the products and services you are offering. Examples are, identifying the different types of roofs that you may sell. Also, highlight your services as most roofing businesses generate revenues from the sale of new roofs or replacing existing roofs. If you have any additional services such as after-service maintenance, you may want to include this as well. Think of something out of the box that can be an attractive feature of your company in this way if you are attracting investors this may capture their attention.

IV. Marketing Analysis

You must be able to do an accurate marketing analysis in your roofing business plan. The roofing business is an outdoor business, so in your business plan, you must include the ways by which you can connect to your customers and provide them a fast service in such a busy city. By thoroughly analyzing the market you need to pay attention to the market trends, be able to segment your market or target clients properly and understand their buying behaviors.

V. Competitors Analysis

Your competitors are one of the major challenges you meet when opening or engaging in a business. This is why it is important to conduct a competitors analysis so you may be able to determine how they market their services and products and identify their strengths and weakness. In this way, your company can come up with ways to make your business better, be more advantageous, and be stronger.

VI. Marketing Plan

Create an overview of your marketing plans that can help your roofing company reach its target market. Include marketing and promotional strategies you intend to apply to successfully gather interest and hopefully convert that into a sale. You may want to divulge deeper into your roofing marketing plan by working on it separately.

VII. Personnel and Management Set-Up

A roofing business is a type of business that is dependent upon your workers and management system. Add a detailed summary of your management, operations, and the team of workers.

VIII. Financial Plan

One of the most important sections in your business plans, especially if you seek funding from the bank or from investors. The growth of any business depends upon its accurate financial planning and an estimate that how the company will balance the startup costs with the earned profits. In this section, you need to include assumptions, break-even analysis, projected profit and losses, cash flow, and projected balance sheet.


Is Roofing a Good Business?

The roofing business is a good business since roofs need to be replaced every 15 to 25 years. And some owners would need their roofs to check every now and then. So you may want to include a maintenance service as part of your additional services.

What Are The Benefits of Business Planning?

The benefits of working on a business plan you will be able to create an effective strategy for growth and development for your company, determine the future of your financial requirements and steadily attract more investors.

Who Are Roofers?

Roofers are are the professionals offering roof plumbing services who usually repair and replace your roofing materials such as shingles and flashings.

Although it may seem like additional work, business plans play an important role in every company’s operations. So, start working on your roofing company business plan now to ensure steady growth and the eventual success of your company.

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