For every company and institution, there must be an employee that is responsible for storing, maintaining, upgrading and securing the database in an establishment. They are called database Administrator Assistant Resume Templates, for an opening in this job, one must be an information technology course graduate with wide knowledge in the use of computer programming and data base handling.

Their resume template can be done at Microsoft word or they can research online that they seem valid for them; this template can be used for companies with database system within them needing administrator to manage it. Qualifications usually need experienced database programming and certificate of trainings on computer programming.

Database Administrator Resume Template Free

This sample of database administrator resume template has a very simple format. The sample is meant for a company who are planning to hire a data base administrator. The sample begins with job summary and then proceeds to list down the key responsibilities which a candidate is expected to perform and also give a brief idea about the qualifications which a candidate is expected to have. The sample ends with the email id of the HR, where interested candidates can e-mail their resumes.

Administrator Resume Format

This sample of administrator resume template is also meant for hiring purposes. The header section consists of the name and tag line of the company. The template starts by listing down the kind of experience a person would have if he joined the company. The second half lists down the key responsibilities which he is expected to perform followed by a list of skill set which he should have. The third half of the template speaks about the company and the process of submitting an application.

Database Administrator Resume PDF

This sample of database administrator resume is meant for candidates who wish to work as database administrators in a company. This sample resume lists down the various aspects of a person’s qualification like areas of expertise, professional qualification, skill sets, qualification and contact details of the candidate.

Database Administrator Resume Example

This sample of database administrator resume example is a well written clean sample where the name of the candidate is given within double bold lines. The resume starts with the objective, experience and employment history of the person, followed by his education and list of positions which he has held over the entire course of his career.

Database Administrator Resume Objective

Resume for Database Administrator

Database Administrator Resume Sample

What is need for Creating a Resume?

Resumes are used by an employer o glance quickly through the different kind of experience which a person has and his educational qualifications. A resume also helps a person to maintain his standard in the industry. An attractive and dynamic resume helps to get good recommendation from clients. It helps to create good impression and helps to get a raise and confirm self –worth.

What are the Different Types of Resumes?

Chronological Resumes- Chronological resumes are simple and have a chronological listing of a persons, education, job history and experience. It also often includes an objective or career summary as well as education, certifications, and special skills.

Functional Resume- If you have a goof amount of professional skill sets and experience you should opt for a functional resume, where the emphasis is primarily on the job skill and experience. Details regarding education and other details can be briefly summarized in one or two lines.

Combination Resume- As the name suggests a combination resume combines some aspects of both the chronological resume, as well as functional resume. In this type of resume your skills and experiences as well as your employment history in chronological order

Tips for writing a good and effective Resume

  • Identify the purpose of writing a resume.
  • Make correct use of important keywords. Use title which are effective and eye catching.
  • Always list down the most effective points first
  • Do not put any irrelevant information in your resume.
  • Explain the various benefits of your skill to your employer.
  • Focus on your achievements.

A solid and effective resume greatly improves ones chances of landing on a dream job. A good way to ensure that a person is able to do attract attention is by keeping a resume precise and to the point. You can use of the several resume templates given above as examples to write your own resume. They are available in both word and PDF format which makes them really a great choice for anyone trying to make a good impression on their perspective employer.

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