Every apartment landlords have a big responsibility once they decide to rent their building to tenants. They need to make their building a comfortable place to live in and that is where maintenance should be their top priority. If you’re an apartment building owner and don’t know where to start your priority in maintenance, you’re in luck. This article will give you tips on how to make an apartment maintenance checklist. Keep reading the article below and refer to the sample templates provided.

4+ Apartment Maintenance Checklist Samples

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3. Standard Apartment Maintenance Checklist

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What is Apartment Maintenance?

Apartment maintenance deals with maintaining multiple living spaces for various groups of people. The maintenance covers various ranges of repairs from plumbing to appliance, to groundskeeping, and pest control.

Preventative Maintenance Checklist for Apartments

Here are the following tasks you need to include in your maintenance checklist and also stick to doing it. As a landlord and owner of your apartment, having regular maintenance can keep your apartment building in good condition. This will also cause fewer problems for renters who will live in your building and will save you money over repair costs:

Doors and Windows

  • Hinges must be in good condition and should be lubricated properly. Make sure your hinges are in working condition and properly lubricated.
  • Chain locks should be secured to the door and wall.
  • Deadbolts should work without any snags.
  • Check if there are any damages to the door frames and the door itself.
  • Check for any cracks or chips in your window glass. Check the screen doors and windows for tear or tamper.
  • Always remind tenants to be careful with handling doors and windows. If these are damaged during their stay and they caused it, you can add their payment to help fix the damage.

Floors and Carpets

  • Clean up stains on the carpet or rugs from food or liquid products spills, pet piss, or muddy shoe bottoms. Replace carpets if they have worn out due to frequent use. Inform your tenants if the carpet needs to be replaced.
  • Instruct tenants to vacuum regularly.
  • Repair light scratches on wooden or tile floors.

Walls and Porches

  • Make sure the walls are sturdy and there aren’t any holes.
  • If there are holes fill those in to prevent further damage.
  • Repaint the walls if they are getting smudgy or are peeling off.
  • Check if there is rotting at the base of banisters and railings. Check for loose wood also.

Kitchen Appliances and Furniture

  • Pay extra attention to your kitchen and your furniture (if the tenant also included the rent for fully furnished rooms). These are usually prone to damage so make sure your tenant is fully aware to take extra tender loving care with your kitchen and furniture.
  • You can instruct your tenants to deep-clean the microwave oven, stove oven, electric stoves, and defrost refrigerators, and freezers especially if this has been frequently used.
  • Inspect cabinets and counters for dampness or water stains. This could indicate a leak in its structure. Instruct your tenant to disinfect cabinets, shelves, counters, and desks to keep pests from living in them.
  • Check the sinks or faucets for leaks. This could add up the water bill plus it can lead to damage to your plumbing system.

Other Maintenance Tasks

  • Make sure your detectors are in proper working condition.
  • Check if your security system is always working. If you can afford to, hire security personnel to guard your property.
  • Check light switches if they are working. Replace busted bulb lights.
  • Mow the lawn and do some gardening, if you’re apartment has one.
  • Have a professional team of pest control to sanitize your area free from these nasty critters. Check your sewer lines and septic system regularly.


What are considered major apartmentrepairs?

Some examples of major apartment repairs include electrical wiring problems, plumbing issues, structural and foundation problems, sewer line problems, and roof damage.

What does apartment maintenance technician do?

The apartment maintenance technician‘s main responsibilities are doing general upkeep and maintenance in the apartment building and its property.

How does the apartment maintenance is calculated?

Most apartment owners calculate the maintenance per square foot at a fixed rate.

By making your apartment not only clean but also properly maintained, your tenants will likely settle in it for a long time. It can also build trust and respect between you and the tenants for doing maintaining your apartment well since their costs of paying their monthly rent are being put for their own comfortability. If you want to make your own maintenance checklist for your apartment building, download our free templates provided above that you can customize and even print!

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