With increasing prices of real estate all around the world, home inspections are fast becoming the norm all around. Home inspectors will check everything starting from your plumbing to your basement which explains the need for a home inspection Moving Checklist  when placed in such a situation. A home inspection is a trying process for an owner. The checklists can provide a comprehensive plan on how you can make sure that everything is covered.

Sample Home Inspection Checklist Example

home inspection checklist

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Size: A4, US


Sample Home Inspection Checklist Form

home inspection checklist form template

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Rental House Inspection Checklist Template

rental house inspection checklist template

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Home Inspection Checklist Form

home inspection checklist form


Home Inspection Checklist Pdf

home inspection checklist pdf


Sample Home Inspection Checklist

sample home inspection checklist


FHA Home Inspection Checklist

fha home inspection checklist


Foster  Home Inspection Checklist

foster home inspection checklist


Printable Home Inspection Checklist

printable home inspection checklist


Professional Home Inspection Checklist

professional home inspection checklist


Rental Home Inspection Checklist

rental home inspection checklist


You should at least make sure that you take every precaution not to so that a minor issue doesn’t cost you multiple experiences of the same process.

  • Starting with the grounds, the exterior surfaces top the doors, windows and roof the list makes sure that you are on the clear in each aspect.
  • Other conditions like plumbing and electrical conditions are also dealt with in detail.

The checklist should be comprehensive. There should not be any scope of something being left out.  You can download our free checklist from below which would be an asset to you since:

  • It is thorough and leaves no margin for errors.
  • It not only takes into account all the structural details but also goes on to tell you what to be watchful of when it comes to plumbing, electrical problems, heating and cooling systems etc.
  • It takes into account almost all the possible designs of your house and provides a list of things that need to be taken care of.

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