The university brochure templates are made to help you as the organizer of the university promotions and brochure making to get ideas and ready formats . These templates are easily customizable and you can make them into nice university promotional and educational information flyers and brochures. Add in images to personalize and you are finished with the designing in simple smart steps. Next, you may circulate those online or get prints for distribution. You May also See School Brochure Templates.

University Tri-Fold Brochure Template

university tri fold brochure template

File Format

Size: A4, US


University Bi-Fold Brochure Template

university bi fold brochure template

File Format

Size: A4, US


Free University Brochure Template

university brochure template

This is a complete brochure design for the university or school, and you have many pages where you can add text and images to inspire and promote. You May also See College Brochures

University Prospectus Template

university prospectus template

The smart brochure design which can be edited to add in your images and text has a corporate style and sober colors. You May also See Promotional Brochures

University Brochure Template PSD

university brochure template psd

The separate template pages are to be joined to make a single brochure or may be used for separate brochures in one page or flyers. The design is colored with pastel shades and is soothing in infographics style.

Tri Fold University Brochure Template

tri fold university brochure template

This is a tri fold brochure design is sleek and colorful. The main task of which is to highlight the main objectives and courses without getting into much details.

Bi Fold University Brochure Template

bi fold university brochure template

The brochure template showcases fresh green fields, which you may obviously have to replace with your own design. But the overall look is neat and based on white to accommodate important highlights.

University Educational Brochure Template

university educational brochure template

This pack contains the bright candy colored templates which are designed on a white background. Images are not emphasized and rather charts and color swatches are used here.

A4 University Brochure Template

a4 university brochure template

This is a nice and colorful brochure design with detailed pages to accommodate all that you feel fit about the college or courses. The smart images, the colors and charts, the highlighted texts all look much synchronized.

Indesign College University Brochure

indesign college university brochure

The perfect university brochure design is well suited to fit in small images, course descriptions, full page images, and lots of colors are also exhibited to make it look modern and bright.

University Brochure Design

university brochure design

The typical modern style brochure is made with light designs to suit any school or college style. The white background and the nice images of teams on it make this look smart and inviting. Use lines of text within the number of pages to write all about the institution.

All of these brochure designs are made such that you can use them in your education institute as per suitability and your choice of design to promote and highlight the courses, facilities, past achievements, faculties and alumni in style before prospective students.

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