Cleaning services are widely popular and a necessity for every home, shop or any building structure for that matter. There are several agencies and companies who offer the services and require cleaning brochures to target industries and companies where plenty of cleaning is required every day or regularly. The following templates are designed to serve that need of housekeeping and cleaning services. They come in Photoshop PSD files which make the designs totally customizable. The illustrations in the brochure are of grand quality. PDF files are provided as a guide to edit them easily. You can also see Studio Brochure Templates 

Cleaning Brochure Template Free

His cleaning service solutions brochure is two sided with trifold. The color schemes represent the theme vividly and mind pleasing at the same time. The source file helps you in editing as per your wish.

Multipurpose Clean Brochure

This is a corporate color cleaning brochure which makes the service look premium and stand out tall in the crowd. It is in a print ready mode with 3 mm bleed and available in A4 and US letter size.

House Cleaning Brochure

This is a simple and artistic house cleaning brochure with interesting color combinations and objects used. It is clean and minimalist in design which goes well with the theme it is representing.

Ultra Clean Brochure

This is truly ultra clean and minimalist with soothing color schemes that takes your min dot a different level. It is multi-purpose in nature with 16 pages which comes in InDesign source file.

Minimal Clean Brochure

This is a brochure cum catalogs to showcase the service and products that a company or an agency has to offer to the customers. It has 20 pages and can be used in several category of business as per wish.

Window Cleaning Brochure

This is a brochure which comes with a set of cleaning icons representing the different actions taken during cleaning. The illustrations are awesome and ready to stand out tall in the crowd and mind of potential customers.

A5 Clean Brochure/Catalogue

This is one hell of a brochure designed in black color which looks highly premium service in nature. It has 12 unique pages with 8.27 x 5.83 inches size and world-class in design to ay the least.

Carpet Cleaning Brochure

This is a simple and widely used brochure to represent house cleaning with different appliances. This is well structures and the layouts are clean and the contents are very noticeable.

Colorful Cleaning Brochure

This 300 dpi quality brochure is in A4 size and 16 pages in total. The source file is fully editable to design and give shape of the brochure according to your requirements.

Commercial Cleaning Brochure

This is a very simple and content based brochure with awesome cover to attract the customers to turn over the pages to check out the services immediately.

Clean Brochure Template

It has the corporate blue color combination and a total of 18 pages with covers included. The covers are enough to draw attention to the pages have unique design to let people get attracted to read the contents and use the service.

Awesome Cleaning Brochure

This is a multipurpose and creative brochure with some stunning designing and unique fonts to highlight text equally as the designing itself. It has a total of 28 pages with print ready mode and 300 dpi.

Complete Cleaning Brochure

This is a clean and complete brochure design dedicated for cleaning services with minimum design and color combo. Content has been give n the priority with smart use of objects.

Quality Cleaning Brochure

It comes in trifold and bi-fold brochure design and the color is a mixture of blue and white which is always eye-catching. The separate space for designs is also provided. It has 8.5 x 11 inches size.

Best Cleaning Brochure

This is a 30 page brochure with 2 color options and the paragraph styling is awesome. It is compatible for any design and purpose. Each page has different designs and color styles.

Attractive Cleaning Brochure

This is a fun-filled brochure with amazing characters representing the act of cleaning elegantly. The contents are highlighted with the use of background highlighters whenever needed.

Gstudio Clean Brochure Template

This comes with 2 PSD files of different design to represent your cleaning services with 10 pages brochure. The templates are easy to customize and give shape as per wish. It is in print ready mode and has 300 dpi quality.

Good Clean Brochure Template

It has the most unique color combo and yellow and black which always stand out without any exception. The inner pages also have shades of yellow which is making some important contents highlight easily.

Simple and Clean Brochure Template

This is a corporate brochure template and has AI and EPS file format. It is fully customizable and resizable. It has a size of 8.5 x 11 inches with 4 color variations to choose from.

The cleaning brochure templates and mockups that we have discussed so far are undoubtedly the most popular and widely demanded brochure which will give your company and services a unique identity in your field so that you can stay one step ahead of your competitors.

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