A human resource complaint form is a written form of document which is considered formal in nature. The person who can write this form is only a staff member or employee. It is a kind of official complaint received by the authority or management associated in handling complaints regarding of a person who worked as employee or staff member experienced issues against human resource department in a certain company or organization for their malpractices or offense’s done whether it affects the complainant directly or not. The person who made the complaint letter and filed against the human resource department will be kept confidential and recorded through the use of this form. However, any inconsistent information made by the complainant will hold him or her liable against action.

Such forms are used to be submitted to an authorized personnel or management in a company or organization which is legally responsible to take immediate and necessary actions of which the complainant is associated or under it and will be the one to make final decision regarding this kind of matter or similar to this so that in the future there will be no such things as repeated cases of issues to happen.

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HR Complaint Form Template

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Sample HR Complaint Form

In addition, this will give opportunity for both parties involved to hear both side of the stories to give fair and receive complete justice at the end of the forum or meeting. In this way any kind of issues arises to become a complaint will be resolved in a manner that is both agreed by the people involved and the person who is responsible for the act and seen to be at fault will be punished.

With the help of using this kind of complaint form, will make the company aware for the areas or departments which need concern for improvement helping to nurture competent staffs and feel comfortable in their working environment.

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