A contract is a written document used when two or more individuals or entities go into an agreement. Since contracts are legally binding documents, any party that breaks the terms and conditions agreed upon by both parties will have consequences. An employment contract is a document used by employers when hiring individuals.

In order for a contract to be effective, there are contract essential elements that need to be present when creating one. Securing a contract is important, especially when doing business. If you need samples to help you outline your contract, there are downloadable contracts available on this page.


What Is the Difference between a Contract and an Agreement?

  • A contract is always a legally binding document while an agreement does not necessarily create a legal obligation for the parties involved.
  • Both parties can create an agreement without a written document. However, when creating a contract, there has to be a written document since it is legally enforceable.
  • Every contract between two individuals is considered an agreement while an agreement does not necessarily become a contract.


If you need a student contract and a job contract, the samples available on this page may be useful to you.

What Is Freedom of Contract?

Freedom of contract refers to the freedom of individuals and groups, whether private or public, to create contracts without government restrictions. These government restrictions refer to the competition law, minimum wage, and price fixing. Through a freedom of contract, individuals or groups will be able to decide whom to contract with and be able to make the terms and conditions that go with it. Freedom of contract is also essential in the market economy. If you need to create a contract, the sample contracts that you will find on this page are downloadable, which can be used as reference or in outlining your document.


What Is the Definition of Contract Law?

Contract law is an important body of law responsible for the enforcement of agreements between two individuals or groups. Also, yearly contracts and supply contracts are also available on this site if you need them specifically.

  • Contract law refers to the laws and the terms that are included in the contract or agreement between two individuals or groups.
  • Contract law is responsible for the enforcement of the terms and conditions of the agreement or contract.
  • Contract law is responsible for controlling the exchange of goods and services, property, etc.

What Is the Purpose of Having a Contract?

Preparing a contract before going into an agreement with another party is important. This is to ensure that both parties are protected from any fraud or breach of contract. The purposes of having a contract are as follows:

  • The main purpose of having a written contract is to have a proof that an agreement has been made.
  • It helps both parties prevent any misunderstanding from occurring.
  • Through having a contract, both parties can agree to have a non-disclosure agreement or a confidentiality clause in the contract.
  • Both parties can assure security and peace of mind when in a contract.

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