Employee evaluation is usually a continuous process carried out for the sole purpose of making an employee a better person at the place of work. Even before you have future performance evaluations recorded, it would be w wise idea to conduct a General Evaluation Templates to find out whether the training offered to the employees in the company was good enough, usually from the feedback you are likely to receive.

There are free to Training Evaluation Templates that you can use for recording results. You can use these as already-made writing tools to help you find out what the employees in the company had to say about the training after the session.

Staff Employee Self-Evaluation Template

staff employee self evaluation template in ipages

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Printable Self Evaluation Template

printable self evaluation template

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Performance Evaluation Word Template

performance evaluation word template

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Training Evaluation Form Template Free

training evaluation form template free


Training evaluation form template free is a feedback-cum-evaluation form that can be used by the training facilitator or the organizer of the training to record the responses and feedback of trainees at the end of the training program for efficient execution of training and development. This template can be downloaded for free from the internet.

Training Assessment Template

training assessment template


Training assessment template is pre-training assessment form that can help in identifying the training needs to the trainees. This also allows the facilitator to ensure the training needs are met. Invitees to the training programs can be asked to fill up the sheet in advance to define the curriculum of the training and ensuring the objectives are achieved at the end.

Training Analysis Template

training analysis template


Training evaluation template is a training evaluation form that needs to be filled up by the trainees or the participants at the end of the training program. It covers the name of the course for which training has happened, location of training, date, duration and so on. It allows the trainees to give their responses at the end of the program so that the course evaluation could be done at the completion of the course.

Training Course Evaluation Form

training course evaluation form


Training course evaluation form is a response sheet that needs to be filled up the participant of course before its start. It focuses on evaluating the reason behind a person opting for this course and expectation out of the course. It also tries to understand the where and how a trainee will want to utilize the learning and how will it benefit him.

Training Evaluation Survey Template

training evaluation survey template


Examples of Evaluation Forms for Training

examples of evaluation forms for training


Training Evaluation Templates

excel evaluation template


Why do You Need Training Evaluation Templates?

It is essential for the organizers and facilitators of a training program or a course to evaluate the trainings that are being imparted. At times, it is necessary to evaluate before the training program to design the training program and/or understand the expectation of the trainees out of the program. However, the evaluation that is done at the end of the training is required so that it could be evaluated whether the training has achieved the intended objectives or not. You can also see Supervisor Evaluation Templates.

Training evaluation templates are needed because these templates make it easier for the organizers and facilitators to smoothly run a training program or a course. These templates also save time by eliminating all sorts of complexities in finalizing the evaluation form.

When do You Need Training Evaluation Templates?

Training evaluation templates are needed whenever training is planned to be executed and an evaluation needs to be done before or after the training depending upon the need. Also, it is needed when there is no one in the team who have technical expertise in designing an evaluation form. These evaluation templates makes is easy for the organizing team to decide on the template and finalize the evaluation form.

What are the Benefits of Training Evaluation Templates?

Training evaluation templates are beneficial for the organizers, and facilitators of a training program along with the trainees. It eases out the difficulty the training organizers may experience in designing a training evaluation sheet. These templates not only help the organizers and facilitators of the training program in evaluating training at the end but these give options to decide on pre-evaluation form as well.You can also see Project Evaluation Templates.

It is beneficial for the trainees in different ways as these templates can help them out in selecting a form that can be used to present the expectations out of a training program and also to cite their feedback at the end of the program ensuring adherence to the training standards and achievements of the intended objectives.

Evaluations are necessary for the training program as well as to evaluate the level of achievement of the intended objectives of the program. There are different training evaluation templates available that can be downloaded free of cost depending upon the training program and at what stage the evaluation needs to be completed. These templates can be used to finalize a training evaluation form and ensure efficient and effective completion of a training program.

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