Are you one of them who are bad at remembering important birth dates of your near and dear ones? Don’t worry we have got a solution just for you in the easiest possible way. With these amazing and beautiful Birthday Calendar Templates, make sure you don’t need to hurry up for the last moment gifts and you can keep them handy always. Here are some of the best chosen ones

Birthday Calendar Template

With the dimension of 8.5×11 inch, these handy birthday calendar templates make sure that there is enough space to chalk down important dates. Each with different illustrations makes them unique from others. These are further not tied up to days of the week and hence can be used every year making these re-usable and Eco-friendly.

Monthly Birthday Calendar Pattern

These thoughtfully crafted birthday calendar keep record of birth dates of your near and dear ones. With each month crafted in different pattern inserts new flavor to the old school birthday calendars. Simple background, classy font style and its distinct looks makes these a class apart.

Yearly Birthday Calendar Template

This one-of- a-kind birthday board assures that you never miss any special occasion. Keep track of all the note-worthy celebrations and fancy it on your living room wall. With 11.75 height x 7.5 width ensuring that it doesn’t make them too big to fit in your wall home decor.

Family Birthday Calendar Template

These calendar templates are the perfect solution for those who like to spend time with their families on these special dates. With customized design, font design and attractive looks makes this model a perfect blend of affection and love and with such sophisticated design that attracts the attention of anyone who glances at it.

Handmade Birthday Calendar Template

This beautiful handmade birthday calendar template is a great way to chalk down your important dates with an artistic approach. Further 5.5×8.5 inch size, makes it suitable to keep it inside a pocket and with a ribbon attached, you can easy hang them up inside your room. It further enhances the beauty of your room with such classy approach making it suitable for day-to- day use.

Desk Birthday Calendar Template

This wire bound birthday calendar is perfect for those who spend most of their time in the office. Each with a new design and month gives it a more fascinating look which further adds to the office décor. Attaining a small space in the shelf, this easily gets fit and further adds the beauty to the surrounding.

Perpetual Birthday Calendar Template

This simple handmade calendar is a solution for those who like decency in their work. With simple outline and dates noted down under each month assures that you never forget any important date. Further its simple design and white background makes it cool and classy.

Simple Birthday Calendar Template

These A4 size calendar templates are designed for personal use. Each month possess a beautiful hand-made sketch that makes it look wonderful. With enough space provided inside the outline, ensures that the user is able to keep track of all the important birthrates.

Sample Birthday Calendar Template

Birthday Calendar Template Excel

Birthday Calendar Timeline Template

Birthday Calendar Project Template

License Eligibility by Birthday Chart Calendar

These are great ways of presenting birthday calendars with a creative thinking. You can convey your special message and wishes through your creativity. With compact design and artistic structure further adds to your home/office decor. So even if you are bad at remembering dates, these little paper pieces doesn’t let you down. With the busy schedules and fast moving life, people usually tend to forget about those who hold special importance in their lives. These Calendar Templates are designed in order to help the user remember important birth dates and other special occasion of their near and dear ones. Thus, making it special for them!

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