What is an incident report? An incident report is a written report that is made when any unusual and faulty incidents or accidents happen in a certain institution or workplace. Incident report writing is being implemented and practiced in various workplaces to ensure and record any incidents, whether it be to the advantage or disadvantage of an institution.

If there is a disruption in the normal activities or operations of a particular system, an IT incident report is written by the person responsible for it and submitted to their respective department heads. This is just some of the many reasons for using an incident report.

What Is the Importance of Daily Incident Report?

  • A daily incident report is not just about reporting the accident that happened on that day. It helps determine possible accidents that may cause large scale harm at a later time in the future.
  • Keeping records of daily incident reports is just like keeping data, which can be useful when analyzing certain incidents and making observations.
  • With the use of incident reports, people are made aware of what has happened and why the accident happened, which keeps them away from harm.
  • Feedback is given after an incident report is submitted. This helps make improvement and avoid further accidents.

How to Create Daily Incident Report

  • Use the incident form or format that is required by your company or institution.
  • Write the details on why the incident happened, who were involved, and what has been done. Use the 5W+H—who, what, where, when, and how—to write a detailed report.
  • Make sure to write clearly without erasure. It should also be understandable.
  • Compare your work with other incident report samples.
  • Affix your name and signature.
  • Check for any spelling and grammar errors.
  • Submit to your immediate superior.

Tips for Writing Daily Incident Reports

Writing an incident report doesn’t always mean that the accident was your fault. Sometimes it is your means to explain what happened and why it happened. Feel at ease when writing an incident report using these tips.

  • A detailed incident report can save you from a lot of inquiries, that is why it is important that your incident report has the 5W+H in it.
  • Never make any erasure in an incident report. Any sign of erasure or alteration may be taken against you, thus making it your fault and will make you look suspicious.
  • Always follow the standard procedures and the incident report format that your company provided in writing incident reports. You can make use of incident reports in PDF if your company does not have one.
  • Always write your name and affix your signature at the end of the report you are making, including the date that you wrote it.
  • Never leave empty spaces in between your sentences or paragraphs where words or sentences you did not write might be added, which can get you into trouble.
  • If you are working in the medical field, never write anything about an incident, more so an incident report, in the patient’s chart.

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