Quotation is group of sentences or paragraphs excerpted from a book, stories or speeches by influential individuals or powerful persons that other people use in their own purpose. Usually seen these days as Quote Sheets that seen mostly in books especially in the internet in which the original composer or speaker is written with it.

This is mostly used in philosophy and logic in which wise thoughts are analyzed and studied by their colleagues. Recently just use this for encouragement for entertainment events especially in music and movies in which they artistically and amusingly deliver the speech. Anyone can have this in which they choose the quotes that is appropriate in their current situation in life so they can easily recover and recuperate.

Easy to Edit Quotation Template

Sales Quotation Template

Service Quotation Template

Price Quotation Template

Free Sample Quotation Template

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Simple Quotation Template

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Business Quotation Format

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Free Company Quotation Format

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Freelance Quotation Template

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Hotel Room Quotation Letter


This is a sample hotel room quotation letter that lists the rates of different rooms in tabular form. It then explains the additional charges and break down of the total cost and the facilities in different rooms.

Export Quotation Worksheet


This is an organized model export quotation worksheet containing provisions to detail financing and inland fees, port charges, international air, sea or land freight charges, international insurance charges and the total cost.

Custom Quotation/Order for Passive Samplers


This is a best custom quotation or orders for passive samplers. It contains fields for type of order, passive sampler type, sorbent type, treatment, purchasing terms and authorization and details of the company.

Format of Blank Quotation Template


This is a perfect format of quotation which is applicable for any product. It contains tabular format for writing description goods, specifications, quantity, unit, and the total amount. It also has provisions for different declarations.

Sales Quotation Template


This Sales Quotation Template is designed by professional and it is very useful while giving the quote about the products to a client. This one page template consist all the details about the product and services and information about the company. On the top of this template there is a space given to write the name and contact information of sales repetitive so it would be easy for the client and the seller company to connect with right person in case of any support required.

Quotation Template Sample Form


Designed by experts this one is a good sample quotation form designed to serve the purpose of proposing the sales. Since the quotation is first step towards a sales preposition the quotation template must be designed in precise manner. This template defines all the aspects of quotation in effective manner. It gives the details about the shipping address and the product details with price.

Quotation Template Word


This is beautifully designed standard quotation template in word format which makes it easy to use for any sales person. There are separate space given to write about the details like company name, client name and address and then there is adequate space provided to write about the products and services. The sales person can either take a print of then template or also can edit the same in word while sending to the client.

Quotation Invitation Template


If you are looking to purchase anything for your business and require the quotations from the vendor to decide and plan about your purchase then you can use this template to invite the quotations from different vendor. This template can be published in newspaper or you can simply put it on your website under the tenders or purchase tab. It can also be sent individually to the IT companies you’re seeking quotations from. You many also see Company Quotations.

Sample Block Quotation Template Example


Editable Quote Template


Sample Quotation Template Free Download


Corporate Training Quotation Template


Quotation Template Microsoft Word


Request for Quotation Template


Quotation Template Excel


Quotation Template Doc

Quotation Template XLS


Sales Quotation Template


Quotation Template PDF


Analytical Service Quotation


Business Travel Quotation Request


Conference Quotation Template


Construction Quotation Template


Economy Restaurant Quotation


An employee working with an economy restaurant, a bakery or catering food business, who may be responsible to design a quotation for selling various equipment like boiler, electric fire place etc., can use the aforesaid template for the purpose. It comprises of all the essential segments that should be included when designing such a document, thus simplifying his task.

Estimate Quotation


Job Quotation


Mutual Fund Quotation Service Access


Price Quotation Template


ProForma Invoice Quotation


Project Quotation Template


Receipt Proposal Quotation


Request for Quotation for Software Development


Research Analysis Quotation and Agreement


Solar Farm Protection Quotation


Uniform Equipment Quotation


Verbal Bid Quotation Summary


Air Freight Quotation


Commercial Insurance Quotation


Item Quotation Request


Mobile Telecommunication Service Quotation


Tour Quotation Request Form


Transport Quotation


Why do you need a Quotation Template?

Quotation is an important document for sales process. A sales person always required a good attractive quotation document to present to prospective buyer.

The quotation document must be written in precise manner and it must contain all the required details. A professionally designed template for quotation can make a difference while proposing the product or services to the client. You may like Building Quote Templates.

When do you Need a Quotation Template?

Quotation template is essential requirement of any business and it is the first step of sales cycle. Post first cold call it is important to share a good quotation with client. A professionally designed quotation must have all the details. A quotation template is also required while filing the quote against the buying request of a tender posted buy a company of Govt.

Tips for Writing Quotation Templates

Quotation templates are used by people to present a quote for their services to the client. This
can be used by an advertisement agency, a contractor, an elevator company, a security agency and what not. For example a web designer uses a Web Design Quote Template for quoting his price for a particular project. Similarly a graphic designer can use a graphic design quote template to inform the client of the amount he would charge in lieu of his services. Here are a few tips that can help a person to write an effective quotation.

  • When writing the quote you should take into consideration the time that you would be spending on the project.
  • Possibility of long term association or more business from the client should also be a deciding
    factor when quoting a price.
  • Don’t forget to consider the time factor as you not want to be chased by a tight deadline.
  • Extra costs should also be included in the quote.
  • Assurance of quality should be given when writing the quote.
  • It is important to understand the competitors and the market rates when writing a quotation.

Benefit of using Quotation Template

Templates listed here are designed by experts and it always beneficial for the sales person who needs to send the quotation to clients on regular basis. To save the time of sales person he/she can use these templates while quoting the price of the products or services.

A quotation is the most important tool to get business. A professionally designed quotation template can make difference while presenting the price for your products or services. These templates are easy to use and very effectively designed to get the sales done in your favor.

Not sure how to design a quotation for your business purpose? Well, we have a wide range of quotation templates in our collection. Check these out and pick the one that is perfect for your needs. Easy to download and customize, you can quickly draft a quotation without the help of a professional. Since these templates have been designed by experienced people you can be rest assured that these adhere to the industrial trends.

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