The success of a particular venture lies on its ability to be able to attract and secure potential customers in order to ensure sales as well as revenue. It also has to make sure that the customer base that it has targeted continuously engages in business operations with the company. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a startup business or a major company with multiple branches across the country. Business is driven by sales. The single component that is able to bring in revenue and money for your business. Your company wouldn’t be able to last very long in the industry that it is in if you are unable to sell the products and the services that you are offering to the market. That is why for a lot of businesses and companies worldwide, it can be very important for them to come up with a comprehensive and effective sales proposal so that they can drive the sales of the products and the services that they are proposing.

A sales proposal is a document that every business must be able to draft so that they can connect to a new series of clients or may even sell to a current one. Writing your sales proposal well is already a big investment in time and resources. When done and written properly, the document can easily mean additional business, and consequently, additional revenues for your business. Consider writing a sales proposal when you know there is an identifiable chance that you’ll get the business that you are trying to propose. Don’t bother pursuing the venture if you think it may be a long shot, you don’t want to waste valuable time and resources on venture that might not be able to return any kind of investment. A sales proposal is a document that can convince your prospective clients that your business is the best in the industry. Not only the product should be able to sell your products and services, it should also be able to satisfy the needs of your clients. To do that, you need to fully understand the nature, scope, and the needs of your client. As well as a proper idea of how to present the details that you have in a way that is convincing for your clients showing how your products best represent the proper way to handle the issues that need to be handled. So before you actually begin writing the document, try to check out these documents listed below to get a better idea of what the document looks like and how it works. Once you’ve acquainted yourself with the document, feel free to use these samples as guides or maybe even as templates for when you write the document on your own.

3+ Software Sales Proposal Samples

1. Software Sales Proposal

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  • PDF

Size: 2 MB


2. Sales Tax Software Proposal

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Size: 129 KB


3. Simple Software Sales Proposal

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Size: 200 KB


4. Basic Software Sales Proposal

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Size: 277 KB


What Is a Software Sales Proposal?

A sales proposal is a document that every business owner and sales representative must have to illustrate the value of the products and the services that they are offering. The document should be able to show how the product and the services can be beneficial to the customers by including a list of the elements that make up the product like what it is and how it works. It’s more or less a convincing argument to establish the demands of your clients. Making them realize why they need the product by highlighting their return on investment or what they will get in return once they agree to spend some money to acquire said products and services. A well written sales proposal should be able to recognize the needs of the audience and provides a solution to the problem rather than just selling the products on the market. It should be able to make them realize the challenges that they are facing and identifying the roots of the demand in the market. The document should be able to take its reader on a visual tour to let them see the issues that they are dealing with and how your product and services can better help them. Drive action through your document by giving your audience the details that they need to immediately make a purchase. These components may include clarity with the budget, different payment options, and what exactly will the customer get with the given price point. The length of your document depends heavily on the nature and the scope of the products and the services that you are highlighting. However, it is pretty common for proposal documents to only be around a couple pages long.

How To Write a Software Sales Proposal

Your business is unique and so are the products and the services that you are trying to propose to the market. That’s why your document should be able to reflect this uniqueness to fit with the nature of its contents. Listed below are some steps that you need to remember and keep in mind to help you with the overall writing process of your sales proposal. We’ve also thrown in a couple of tips here and there for good measure.

  1. Understand what your prospect is looking for
    Before you begin writing the document, try to answer some questions first to make sure that you perfectly understand what your client needs. List the potential pain points of your client and try to see if they have tried to solve it with other methods or not. In short, try to get to know your market and get a better idea of what they need, so you can get a proper idea of how your products and your services can better provide for them.
  2. Dive into deeper research
    That previous step was all about gathering information that you can perceive, this following step is all about looking deeper and trying to see information that is not as easily available. Try to look for  clues that aren’t as obvious as the previous ones. Look up certain details like the recent news about your client or the company that they are in, the content they are sharing on social media, and the conversations that they are having online.
  3. List the building blocks of your proposal
    Regardless of how specific your client may be  you still need to be able to work with the most basic building blocks that a sales proposal must be composed of.

    • Title page
    • About us
    • Challenges, goals, and outcomes
    • Proposed solutions
    • Pricing
    • Timeline with key dates
    • Case studies
    • Client testimonials
    • Terms
    • Next steps
  4. Outline and draft your sales proposal
    The building blocks that you have just identified must be turned into the sub headers of your sales proposal. Draft the text for each component and draw from the research that you have just made. The point here is to make your document only as long as it needs to be. Two or three pages must be enough, but you can still include other set of information that you might think may be important for your case.
  5. Proofread
    Let your document breath for a few hours before you actually try to proofread it. Visiting it again with a fresh pair of eyes may help in trying to identify some things that you have forgotten to include or come up with a much clearer way to make a point.


What are other types of proposals?

  • Formally solicited
  • Informally solicited
  • Unsolicited

What is the format of a proposal?

A proposal is usually composed of components like the overview of the problem, set of solutions, costs, and the benefits of the products.

Who writes a proposal?

Usually, an individual is set to write the proposal on their own, but certain sections may be drafted by others and may should be involved in the reviewing and proofreading process.

Regardless of the nature of the products and the services that you are proposing with this document, the entire writing process and setup should be just about the same. Writing a well drafted sales proposal may prove to be quite difficult for some, but with the templates and the tips that we have provided for you in this document, you should now be more than ready to write the document on your own.

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