Partnership is a common occurrence amongst the business sectors. And it is agreed upon due to a number of reasons such as it brings about more business opportunities, saves on costs, bridging the gap in expertise and knowledge, more revenue and etc. One of these partnerships are retail partnership, as you can see being advertise around the market when two brands or business entities collaborate with each other. A good example of such are retail stores or mall operators and brands. Basically any company as long as their products or services are not of the same kind, can team up for a short period or for the long run as long as they set up ground rules and conditions upon doing so. And if you run a company and would want to expand your business through collaboration or partnership, you may want to start with a retail partnership proposal. Read more about this particular type of proposal in our article below and don’t forget to check out our free retail partnership proposal samples too.

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What Is a Retail Partnership Proposal?

Basically, a retail partnership is when brands or business have complimentary but non-competitive audience bases. Teaming up with other businesses can result in a positive outcome for you and the company you partnered up with. When done right, retail partnerships can result in additional exposure and revenue, and both parties end up happy with more customers and sales. Since a lot of changes has been going on in the retail market, companies are finding alternatives to adapt to the change, attract more customers while still trying to save cost. If you find a company you think would bring more revenue and benefits through collaboration, then you may express your motives through a retail partnership proposal. This document should enable your prospective partner look through the benefits and what they too would gain if such collaboration should happen.

How To Write a Retail Partnership Proposal?

Before starting with your partnership proposal, you have to be absolutely sure that this retail partnership can work in both ways for you and your partner. Which would mean gathering the right data and information to help you create a complete retail partnership proposal.

  • First weigh in the advantages of the partnership. Your proposal must reflect this to give it a more positive vibe. And yes there are always disadvantages to everything, so work with that and try to come up with ideas how to counter that.
  • Get to know your prospective partner. Your interest in collaborating with them means that you see some potential in terms of revenue, better business opportunities and wider target market. Try to work out what you see in them, and what they may want to hear in your proposal.

Now to start with your retail partnership proposal, here are the following things you should consider in your proposal.

I. Highlight The Collaboration

Make sure you include objectives and that both parties are aligned in terms of what those objectives are.

II. Set Clear Goals and Individual Responsibilities

In a partnership, it’s imperative that you show what each party’s goals, contributions and responsibilities will be.

III. Outline Benefits for Potential Partner

As mentioned earlier, outline in your proposal all the positive benefits and outcome should the retail partnership come into an agreement. This should give your potential partner much consideration whether a collaboration with your company is a good and favorable. This section of the proposal actually depends on how you present the benefits of the partnership, you may include examples and outcomes to each corresponding factor or summarize it all down as long as this catches your potential partners interest.

IV. Terms and Conditions

Each company has a different view or follow a their own policies when it comes to the terms and conditions in establishing business partnership. And this will also depend on the type of business industries they are in. In a more general sense, it is important to include this section in your retail partnership proposal. As this will create a better understanding for both parties in the early stages of the collaboration. And of course this could be subject to change once a partnership agreement has been formed.

You may want to give your potential partner a brief overview as to what to expect when the collaboration occurs in terms of revenue, profit splits or royalties. But this should be further discussed, as mentioned when your partner starts to considers the alliance.


What Is Retail?

This is the final channel of distribution where small quantities of goods or services are sold directly to the consumer for their own use.

What Are the Different Types of Partnership?

Different types of partnership are general partnership, limited partnership, limited liability partnership and limited liability limited partnership.

What is a Retail Store?

A retail store is a business enterprise that sells goods directly to ultimate consumers for non-business use. And there are different types of retail stores that cater to different consumer types and employ different sales techniques.

Retail partnership is one way to help companies to be innovative and to keep up with the times. Even though profit is one of the factors that companies collaborate, sustaining a long standing in the market and attaining a large market share is another. So, if you think your company has a better chance of this, find a business retail partner and start with your retail partnership proposal.

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