Every teacher’s requirement is a lesson plan. A lesson plan is where all the academic lessons and activities on a specific day are recorded. It is a form of strategic planning on what subjects and activities to present for the students.

If you’re a newly licensed teacher, you may ask the question, “How to write a lesson plan?” This question shouldn’t worry you because creating a lesson plan is not difficult. Similar to a financial plan, it also requires careful planning and consideration, but you can easily create your own lesson plan if you’re determined to do the task.

What Is a Lesson Plan?

A lesson plan is an organized plan containing lessons to be discussed by teachers. It is a form of outline for subjects to be tackled on a class for a specific schedule.

What to Consider When Writing a Lesson Plan

When writing a lesson plan, it’s good to consider the plan templates and schedule of activities. The template must be compatible with the lesson plan you’re making. For instance, in the business field, a business plan is a necessity for creating business ventures. Thus, a business plan template is required to make a business plan. Other formats can also be used for templates such as plan templates in Excel or in PDF.

On the other hand, the schedule on the lesson plan is also vital because this will serve as an outline of the activities the teacher needs to accomplish in a day. Without the schedule or timeline, it’s hard to organize and monitor the activities that should be attended to. The lesson plan acts as a tracker in monitoring the lessons and activities in each day. This is the reason why having a lesson plan is a requirement before teachers can teach their students.

Why Is It Important to Have a Well-Thought Lesson Plan?

It’s important to have a well-thought lesson plan in order to have organized contents. Imagine having a lesson plan that is cluttered and unorganized. This situation will give you have a hard time monitoring the activities and its schedule.

5 Steps to a Better Lesson Plan

To create a better lesson plan, here are 5 ways you can do it.

  • Sample plan templates. Select a suitable template for your lesson plan. You may choose different formats for your template such as plan templates in word and plan template in PDF.
  • Plan. Plan the things you’re going to write in your lesson plan. Gather your thoughts and ideas so you will have an easier time writing.
  • Outline. Thoroughly outline the contents of your lesson plan. Identify the important details on your lesson plan such as objectives, types of examinations, learning activities, teaching methods, and assessment. Be detailed in writing the essential information in your lesson plan.
  • Timeline. Organize the schedule with the corresponding lessons and activities you need to accomplish in a specific day. It’s important for you to strictly follow your timeline so you can achieve your objectives.
  • Review. Don’t forget to review your lesson plan to avoid errors.

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