Real estate is real property that consists of land and various land improvements. From buildings, fixtures, roads, structures, and utility systems. Properties and rights give title of ownership to the land, improvements, and natural resources like minerals, plants, animals, water, etc. Nowadays, real estate has been one of the world’s continuously growing and thriving industries. A lot of individuals are finally moving out and deciding to live on their own, constantly on the lookout for property deals that fit exactly right within their budget. But this is always a challenge for real estate agents, business owners, and companies to properly establish the scope of their real estate business.

Businesses are not simple entities to manage, especially when the nature of the business deals with more than one or more units to be leased out or sold to tenants in exchange for monthly rental or other periodical fees. It’s quite a chore to keep track of everything else that is happening in your business, making sure that every component is covered. This is why creating a proper layout for a comprehensive plan is just as important as the sales that your business makes.

A layout helps keep everybody affiliated with the business, especially realty brokers and real estate agents, on track for everything else that may be encountered during the overall duration of the business or project. This plan is more commonly identified as a real estate business plan. Operating without a business plan is generally not advised. In fact, businesses that don’t follow any sort of plan, just don’t last very long. Sticking to a well written business plan also brings a slew of benefits for the business owners. Like being able to come up with ideas without investing too much time and money into it. Since you’ve already got that covered in your plan.

To properly get acquainted with the document, see what it looks like and how it works, check out these real estate and rental business plan samples that we have listed down below. After getting familiar with the document, you can then use these samples as a guide or even as a template for when you want to construct your own business plan.

4+ Real Estate & Rental Business Plan Samples

1. Rental Property Business Plan

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2. Investment Real Estate Business Plan

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3. Real Estate Rental Housing Business Plan

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4. Rental Business Plan

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5. Real Estate Venture Rental Business Plan

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What Is a Real Estate & Rental Business Plan?

A business plan is a written document that should describe how a business would define its objectives and what steps the company or business is willing to take in order to achieve its goals. A business plan lays out a roadmap for the whole company to follow that has been derived from the different perspectives of different departments of the company like marketing, financial, and operational. Business plans are largely essential documents that is usually used to attract a handsome investment even before a company has established an impressive company record. Although business plans are more useful for new businesses and companies, every company of all shapes and sizes should be able to establish a well written business plan.

It would enable them to have something to review and periodically update to see if the goals have been met and how the circumstances have changed according to the nature of their work. A good business plan will be able to outline all the projected and estimated costs of a project or venture and the pitfalls of each decision the management makes. Even with competitors of the same industry, it is still very rare for business plans to be identical with each other. Most businesses, even if working with almost the same circumstances, tend to have their own way of dealing with and approaching their business related issues.

Elements of a Real Estate & Rental Business Plan

The length and scope of a business plan depends greatly on the nature and coverage of the business. It is usual for all the information to fit into a 15 to 20 page document. Although no two business plans are alike, they do work with almost all of the same elements. These elements of a business plan will be discussed in more detail below.

  • Executive summary
    The first section of your business plan should outline what the company is and all the information pertaining to its mission-vision values, company leadership, employees, operations, and general location. Essentially, the executive summary should talk about what the company is, the nature of business, and all other necessary information.
  • Products and services
    The next section is where the company will outline the products and services they may offer. It should include pricing, product/service lifespan, and what other benefits the customer may receive if they chose to avail the real estate services of your company. Other factors that you can include here is the quality of housing or property, proprietary technology, insurance, real estate security, etc.
  • Market analysis
    The company needs to have a good idea of its target customers and their general demographic. It will be able to outline who or what the competition is and will generally give you a better idea on how to stay on top of the real estate market. It should also be able to describe the expected consumer demand for the product and will give an approximation of how difficult it would be to take advantage of the demand.
  • Marketing strategy
    Marketing strategy should describe how the company plans to attract the customer base and how it intends to keep it. It should also talk about how it intends to reach the market by outlining a clear distribution channel including advertising campaign, marketing campaigns, and through what mediums should these strategies be disseminated.
  • Financial planning
    Every company should include its financial planning in their business report. Financial statements, balance sheets, tax audit reports, and other relevant financial documents.
  • Budget
    And lastly, budget. A company needs to have a proper budget in place. It should include staffing, manufacturing, development, marketing, and all other business related expenses.


Can a real estate agent sell their own property?

Technically yes, a real estate agent usually earns a low basic wage usually with a fairly high incentive to sell properties. Real estate agents are usually judged by the quantity of their sales, not the quality.

Is it better to sell your house privately?

There are some benefits, yes, such as saving the commission you would usually use to pay the realtor. According to the Real Estate Council of Alberta, commission prices can either be based on sale prices, flat fees, service fees, or some combination of everything.

What are the five elements of a business plan?

  • Situation analysis
  • Market
  • Product or Service Positioning
  • Setting Objectives
  • Strategy

One very important thing to remember about business plans is that it should not be a static document. It should be ‘live’, Meaning that the document has to be constantly susceptible to change depending on the every evolving nature of your business. Constantly reviewing its contents and updating if need be.

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