One of the most important documents in a service-oriented industry is an invoice. You need to bill your client for your services somehow, right? So this is a formal way to do so. And this is very much applicable for those who plan events, whose scope of work is not only limited to one particular task but multitudes. An event planner has a lot on their plate, most especially if they are working on a complex event, and to think their work isn’t over even after a successful event. There is still the process of collecting payment from their clients through a what we call event planner invoice. So what is this type of invoice? Read more about this below and if you need any help with your invoice, feel free to check out free event planner invoice samples also found in this article.

3+ Event Planner Invoice Samples

1. Free Event Planner Invoice Template

free event planner invoice template

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  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • MS Excel
  • MS Word


2. Editable Event Planner Invoice

File Format
  • PDF

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3. Sample Event Planner Invoice

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  • PDF

Size: 474 KB


4. Event Planning Tax Invoice

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  • PDF

Size: 75 KB


What Is an Event Planner Invoice?

When we talk about invoices, these documents are used to collect payment from a client. While an event planner invoice has the same purpose, it contains the products and services rendered to the client. As well as the payment terms. No matter how big or small your event planning agency is, the purpose of an invoice will help you itemize and record expenses incurred during the planning of the event. In some cases, complex events, for example, one that could go on several days incur a lot of expenses, with your invoice this will serve as a legal record as you include all detailed transactions in this document.

How To Create an Event Planner Invoice?

Event planning no matter how complex or simple it may be requires careful planning. A lot has to be put into consideration when hosting an event. From the venue, the catering services, the decorations, handling of the guests, transportation, and many others. So an event planner has indeed a lot on their plate, which of course includes the whole invoicing of the client at the end of the event. But before you can create your event planner invoice you need to remember a few things:

  • Make notes of the expenses incurred before and during the event
  • Retain and gather all documents, such as official or acknowledgment receipts and other relevant information to back up the expenses incurred
  • If it is required, try to secure any signature or valid proof from your vendors or suppliers if there are additional expenses

All these things mentioned above will serve as proof and you may send it as an attachment to your client’s bill. Every invoice may differ in format and contents depending on the event, but the basic details remain the same such as:

1. Basic Details

Include the issuance date of the invoice, invoice number which is a unique sequential code, payment due date, and the name of the event.

2. Event Planning Name and Etc.

In this section, add the name of your event planning company, the event planner(s), address, and contact details.

3. Bill To

In the bill-to portion, this would include the name of your client or the company who hired you, their location, and contact details.

4. Invoice Details

You can segregate the invoice details into two portions which are the planning cost and the actual event cost.

  • Planning cost- itemize the different costs incurred during the event planning stage, and if it was initially agreed that you charge by the hour or by day then include this as well with the amount.
  • Event cost – just like the planning cost, itemize the expenses incurred during and even after the event, alongside the quantity, unit price, and amount. This is why you need to secure proof as mentioned earlier to back up the expenses.

5. Payment Terms and Methods

If you have discussed this previously with your client or is included in your event planning contract, write down the payment terms or methods in your invoices such as if you accept credit cards, cheques, or cash.

6. Total Amount Due

As you gather up the total amount due, don’t forget to include any VAT (value-added tax) or discounts if this is applicable.

7. Additional Notes

Provide a space below your invoice, in case you want to write down additional notes or instructions to your client.


Who are Event Planners?

Event planners are individuals who help organize and plan events, and every aspect has been taken care of from conception to programming and day-of logistics.

What Are The Functions of Invoices?

An invoice could be used to maintain records, for legal protection, track payment, and for tax filing.

What Is an Event Management?

Event management is s the process by which events are conceived, planned, created, and assessed.

Make sure to always double-check your event planner invoice, so your client may pay you faster and to avoid any delays due to discrepancies and misunderstandings. If you need any templates, feel free to check out our samples in this article.


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